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Monday, January 08, 2007

that sucks

Just got word that Pat Briggs went down in a crash at the first EarlyBird crit and may need some surgery for a femur. 2nd hand details are that there was a crash 20 riders back and Pat got somehow tangled in it. This is one of those riders that does NOT sprint for 20th, so it must have been a situation he couldn't avoid. i hate that shit.

For those who don't know, Briggs was the 2006 prosey NCNCA BAR champ. He rode pretty kick ass last year and it's a damn shame to see somebody get the wood taken to them in a training crit.

I've had my share of yellin' snot at Briggs in races and love racing against his attacking style. I will always hold a cupful of respect to that guy for how he tended to a u23 rider who crashed it good at the District RR a couple years back. The kid took a bit of chunk out of his kneecap and Pat calmed him down all fatherly-like and bucked him up for the busride back to the med tent.

let's hope Briggsy gets the easy road from this one.



Anonymous said...

ouch that does suck

I heard there were also three crashes in one of the 5s races

we had a team mate break a couple ribs on the river ride Sat - lucky to have been elsewhere this weekend

Anonymous said...

Not at all sure what happened as it was well behind me. I heard the sound of carbon hitting the ground and yelled to Ted from ICCC to GO. As in "get the fuhg out of here!"
When we came around on the cool down riders were still on the floor and a Lombardi rider looked a concussion or something.

The only thing I can speculate is that someone may have decided not to sprint and came off their line into someone else's.
Other than that incident the race was very smooth, never a concern or even a harsh word thrown out.
Too bad about Briggs, he is a great rider and seems like a nice guy.

Anonymous said...

Man it just seems like a matter of time before you go down and when you do a relatively safe sport becomes extremely dangerous. Makes you pause to think, especially if you have youngins to look after.
Hope Briggs heals up fast. He pretty much ripped my legs off when I was trying to follow him and OV around GoldenState crit last year. He's got one helluva kicker on him. - K.PattyMac

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

jd ~ yup, early season hijinks. folks open up the gas a bit too much than what their bodies are ready for and ... mistakes happen.

ah well. hope your mate gets well soon.

nome - "well behind me" ... show off.

kpattyMac ~ ... ouch. i remember that.

can't wait to try it again. hopefully Briggs will heal up quick and get back out there.

Anonymous said...

major suckage and a crappy way to start the year.

I second hernando to gnomes comment. What a prancing peacock.

Anonymous said...

Me prancing peacock, I think not.

Me = jumping into Nolan's back pocket for a stow away ride the the front on the last lap and suffering like never before to hold the position.

Me = lucky to be sort of in the right place at sort of the right time.

I used the words "well behind me" so that it would be clear that I was not the cause. That's all. Savvy?

Anonymous said...

Prancing peacock?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the thoughts from everyone. It's a position I wouldn't wish on anyone.

As far as who's at fault, it doesn't change the fact. Racing is essentially gambling and I lost this hand. That being said, Carpenter can tell who came into him taking us down. What caused them to do it? I don't know. I haven't sprinted for an early bird in some time as I know the risks. Ken DID have a clear lane, that's the only reason I decided to give it a whirl. Oh well...

I'm not in any pain and am very mobile so you might see me spectating soon. I really appreciate all the kind words, calls, e-mails, smoke signals, etc.