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Monday, January 08, 2007

girls gone dirty

if you want to read up on the latest euro muddin's ...

check out Peanut's blog.

i shoulda linked this one sooooo long ago. but got sidetracked with watching the Bush v. Pelosi staredown over troop "escalation," "surge," fucking idiocy.

go Peanut go!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props Olaf!! I was so excited to finish that muddy race where the photo was taken that i still haven't washed my face. I am typing to you looking just how i am in that photo.

Anonymous said...

oh! i love her blog. i somehow found it a few weeks ago.

she's having such a cool experience over there.

i love living vicariously through her...

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo not worthy. Peanut rocks. Inspiring to see someone out there livin' it. Awesome.

Feix said...

Another blogspot that may of intererst to your cross reader's is HK's