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Thursday, January 04, 2007


Rain days conveniently scheduled into a rest day ... make mr.michael a content lil' camper.

it's foggy-bottomed out there and i don't mind one bit. unfortunately, sabine needs to ride today and so i'll be checking the doppelganger radar every 20 minutes to see if mo'gan hill gets a clear spec for her to rush out into.

hee hee

- - -

musica grande ~

this morning was an immersion in ze Dresden Dolls. I'm of the inkling to believe that we love us some cycling because the rumbling in our chests, the deep visceral grip of raw, pure emotions are touched upon when we are in the heat of physical effort.

The Dolls in concert ... i must have them. The way the music explodes out of their bodies ~ it's a possession, a channeling, a conduit's incandescent glow.

When we ride, when we race ~ we similarly lose ourselves to ecstatic moments of release, flinging off twining ropes of workplace, personal politics, confines of expectation.

We rumble hot and bright, opening up our bodies to the electric, sublime, pulsating charges of focused daring inspiration.

we let ourselves feel it.

- - -

well, back to it.


Anonymous said...

as Paris Hilton says it..."that's hot..."

velogirl said...

Paris Hilton said that? I thought Brent said that.

Anonymous said...

love them rainy rest day!

love them rest days.

look at muddy katrina go!

Anonymous said...

at 12 looking out the window in MH it is drizzly and windy. Gonna get a big wet rooster tail and a cold wet chamious if you don't have guards.

Get off the dopeler. Those things are nonsense.

Velo Bella said...

No guards...gonna head out by 2 regardless.

linebrake said...

i caught the dolls opening for nin at the warfield last year sometime. yes, you must catch them. they have a good live dvd too. if you're into that sort of thing...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

excellent ...

X Bunny said...

1-4-07 and we still haven't used the plow

it's going to be a tough april

Anonymous said...

Dude, had the trippiest dream about your blog last night. I dreamt that you had taken up BMX racing - and had become a BMX stud - and so, that's all you blogged about! Crazy!! Of course, I do have the, sorta messes with your brain. Maybe it's the Cross stuff. Don't know. Think it's just the brain fry that goes along with sickness.

Anyway, hope all is well - see you at the races soon!!