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Thursday, December 07, 2006

wrap it up, i'll take it

No time, no time ~ gotta go with the randoms:

  1. Shawna gave some cool kiddies prizes for this weekend's Surf City CX finale.

    picking them up from her work ... i saw a big boned whale.

    apparently, Schottzy helped paint it.

  2. Benny Jack-Maynard is gonna help with course re-finement tomorrow. Oh yeah.

    We're going to have a wet course this weekend ... wonder just how wet? All i know is - it's gonna suck tearing down with a short-handed crew in the rain. ah well, i'll be drinkin'.

  3. Smithers is a bit of a hottie. i like all them Minnesota bloggie-logs - folks who know the chill and how to fight it.

  4. Sputnik has 2 catalytic converters ... and both shit out on me. gawd i'm cheap.

  5. today, between a wasted meeting and a favor given ... i scorched in the only thing i had time for ...

    hill intervals.

    i love riding.

  6. excellent comments ... there have been some around lately.

    communication, creation, revealing, inventing, showin' off.

I am such a frickin' dork.


VeloRainDog said...

i've completely destroyed my lower back and am now going to have to miss the final surf city.

it's a hard pill to swallow.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

no dawg!!!

VeloRainDog said...

that's what i said.

PAB said...

aw man, that sucks. you sure a cold wet rainy morning isn't what you need to pop that sucker back into place?


a request in regard to course refinement: take all the turns out...


oh, and yes, you are. why we tolerate you is beyond comprehension...

X Bunny said...

it won't be the same without the dog....we'll do some group traction and get you straightened out.....

Smithers said...


Anonymous said...

Smithers. So hot right now.

Anonymous said...

Being a super nerd rocks! By 1:30 I will be half way to being done and off to Rome!

Hope course building right now is going well...I would much rather be there than in the library. See you all this afternoon!

Eclectchick said...

Super Nerd Dude, diggin' your afro.

Anonymous said...

Rob and I would be more than happy to help you break down the course on Saturday. It's the least we could do for you all for putting on such cool events.

And we love the rain.

Shelley O.

Brent Chapman said...

I updated bayareacyclocross email alias.
Anyone wants to help tear down it would be great!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

thanks Shelly!

we'll see you guys there.

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