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Sunday, December 10, 2006


are you frickin kidding me?


Sasser said...

Thats dirty and sweet all wrapped into one. NICE.


ali-la-pointe said...

it was really fun - thanks for all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

yer killin' me.

el sexy boy said...

better than doin donuts on the front lawn.

ginmtb said...

Hey oV where are the mud wrestling shots?

Chico Cyclist said...

That is SWEET!!!!

grey said...

to describe that race to myself in my mind today i kept hearing the words, "working on a mud farm," sung to the tune of "working on a sex farm," by, of course, spinal tap.

it was a fun surprise to watch the guy i gave a ride to, who just rode his bike from durango, co, to sf a couple of weeks ago, and whom i'd met a few hours before the race, tear it up and get 3rd in the single speed race. he was the guy with cut off polyester pants, tube socks, and sleeveless itialian flag jersey riding a borrowed bike with borrowed pedals, in borrowed shoes. kid put on a clinic.

many thanks to bella, et al. especially since you had to redo the course on such short notice. fun, fun, fun.

Anonymous said...

Somehow it seems that clothes I didn't wear this weekend are wet. Things that never went near mud, have mud on them! Pretty much this weekend was epic! Mud, rain, slipping, sliding, it was amazing! We have to go do some good road rides before I go to Rome!!


By the wanna breed? (Bizarre joke, I know!)

X Bunny said...

nobody is muddy enough in any of those photos

what race were you at?!

funkdaddy said...

that was the most enjoyment i had all year, after 10 minutes i wasn't racing anymore, just out for a ride on the slip-n-slide, and it was EFF YOO ENN baby.

thanks for all the hard work, tho yer still a wuss for not racing.

Anonymous said...

sssooooper fun!

i can't remember the last time i laughed so hard during a race - listening to ov's commentary on the mike, slopping through the mud, sliding through the horse poop.

Yay! good job you guys!

Brent Chapman said...

yah dude you rocked the mic!