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Monday, December 11, 2006

we've still a ways to go, but...

Cyclocross ... where it might be said without twitching lie-eye or sideways sarcasm ... Cyclocross in America leads the world.

How so?


  1. Prize money ~ it's actually there (most the time)

  2. Participants ~ every race on the books i've seen this year has had women's categories. It's nice to be able to take that for granted.

  3. Fans ~ the races are good, damn good ... with battle after battle in each of the categories. The sport is spectator friendly ... gender be damned. It's good watching. It's regular folks goin' out there and living life to the fullest (trite, but true).

  4. skilz ~ watch Lloyd power through the muck, undaunted - faster than most men. watch Kassoy be fairy-nimble over sloppery goop ... defying gravity and expectation. watch Kerlin throw herself down hills without coming anywhere near her brakes. watch the toughness, the incredible toughness of Shelly Olds. watch Stella Carey ... just watch her.

You see what i'm sayin? These aren't men or women ... they are riders.

and they're almost as sexy as the boys.


velogirl said...

muddy boys are way sexy

velobob (er, robert) didn't have any women's categories this year. but the rest of the promoters "get it." his series is so small these days it's barely happening.

it was a blast watching the c women on saturday and being able to observe and cheer for my teammates. would be oh so cool if that could become a permanent fixture.

btw, interesting race report with comments about the parity of mens and womens prizes -- piccolo race report

marian said...

Women's single speed event?

Now that would be something. I don't know exactly what, but it would be something.

Velo Bella said...

Parity between C and B races? Why should they compare?

If you want to talk about parity between men's and women's prizes, well then, the winner of the women's B's also got a nice Fox jacket and Sheila Moon fleece. This is true even though B women had 1/5th the attendance of B men.

The A women received more prize money in total than the A men, although their fields were 1/4 that of the men. Rachel Lloyd brought home

I guess we weren't being very fair to the men, were we?

Velo Bella said...

Oh, and while we are on the away things like bike frames, to winners of a beginner category is....

in my opinion anyway.

unless of course that winner happened to have won it by random chance. Which is what happened. That was pretty cool.

PAB said...

but.... now retarded means good, right?

i'm so confused. (as usual)

PAB said...

oh, and is 'pretty cool' better or worse than 'retarded'?

Velo Bella said...

no, by retarded I mean it the way Wicks meant it when he was referring to the corral run.