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Monday, December 11, 2006

screw the job

(pics stolen from all (Chris and Lauren)

the goopiest of goo.

i'm glad someone was taking note of the mud index out there on Saturday ~ da'Carr had his pen n' pad active as he rolled all over those boggy, life-sucking fields of gore. Carr had been a solid back O' the pack finisher in races this year until the mud showed up. Days like this weekend are when you see the true-crossers open up the whoopass.

BennyJM and Brent designed a wicked slaughter fest of a course out at WatsonVile. 9+ minute laps for the pro's present and nothing but "epic" tattoed across contorted, mudcaked faces. It was amazing to watch ... thank gawd i was spectating.

i am not a true crosser. but, i did get in my one mud race of the year at CCCX on Sunday. so fuk that n' be done with it.

roadiepusscum = moi.

- - -

Possession ~ it occurred on Saturday.

Stevil and the CalTrans mafia invaded the fogbottomed depths of my conscience on Saturday as i was blathering booty calls from the mic.

i'm sure those few who were good-naturedly heckled will forgive my demonized mind.

who loves you baby?

- - -

but, best heckler award goes to Wick's pop - he came out to watch the big boy race in the muck and gave Brenty a good interview pre-race on the past week's happenings in the life of a pro-daddy bike racer.

yeah, yeah, yeah ... USGP this and Natz that ... what we really wanted to know was, is Wicks a boxer or brief kind of guy? I mean, which way does that piece of meat hang, anyway?

Dad's response?

"i think he wears panties."

yeah, baby ~ welcome to NorCross. You fit right in.

- - -

For the fun of it.

i just love seein' this stuff.



X Bunny said...

i like younger-wicks answer to your question about how he liked the corral section:

it's retarded

velogirl said...

retarded is cool in cross-speak

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

it was pretty retarded.

beautifully, horribly so.

Anonymous said...

definition of retard:

"to slow up especially by preventing or hindering advancement or accomplishment".

sounds like he's right on in his description.

Eclectchick said...

My hubby calls me a retard all the time. Maybe he's just telling me I'm cool all the time.

Yeah, that must be it.

Feix said...

I am famous now, you posted my picture with my favorite racer lauren! YeeeHA!

velogirl said...

jenny, I think you were already famous -- otb fridays

Feix's Hubby said...

Famous and retarded

Brent Chapman said...

dang.. glad I cut my hair last night. Thats just freaky.