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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

she asks

these cold and miserly days,
sun pushed to hiding by hording, swollen clouds
misting, blanketing the world,
damp and chill.

these days of huddled, bundled coats,
faces turned inward as city walkers
rush, slosh through unseen, ill-suprising puddles
soaking heavy, weighted shoes.

they scurry, melting into buildings, cars, doorways
seeking protection from the falling rains that
cover the world with gloom, paleness, dripping quiet.

while I,

eyes toward heavens,
smile, shirt wide opened,

accepting, laughing, as the waters
bounce and play off my deep warmed chest,
for she gives me heat, gives me source

is my core.


Lothar Glerbny said...


X Bunny said...

winter is just starting

but after this weekend
i'm ok with that

Velo Bella said...

lets go splash in some puddles together