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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Surf City Vid

rushed, tired ... ah well, it's what i could do.

see ya'll later.


Miss Mary said...


Biscuit said...

bike poetry. beautiful.

Anonymous said...

mud, mud, mud, mud everywhere!

nosajpalnud said...

srious mud slug fest - looks like fun

reminds me a bit of a section at the WF mtb tri in 03 where it rained for 3 days straight prior to the race

Anonymous said...

Well I am glad Sabine took the time to take pictures and video the whole know you were so busy monolouging! Just kidding your commentary was hilarious!

By the way, I love the part in the middle of the video when the music stops and all you can hear is the men's a's running through the corral! It was great!

Merkeley Bike said...


Anonymous said...


X Bunny said...

i thought i was pulling myself up that last run-up by my fingernails

i ran from the power-up before the run-up all the way to the last barricades on that last lap cuz i was only going to get back on it one more time as i felt like my legs were going to collapse under me at any minute

and i knew you were there cheering with your camera,vb, but i didn't i know you had it on video mode....yikes!


the only thing this video is missing is the voice of the announcer--who did a great job of cheering while he was announcing...!