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Monday, December 18, 2006

stupid ethics

blech ... i'm just not in the mood for the mill today.

- - -


  1. check out this bloke from down south.

    poor FLandis ... makes you want to hope the bastard didn't dope.

    whatever, it's a great pic of Roll.

    and a great line from FLandis on Zabriskie's beard,

    "His new nickname is the unabiker."

  2. Was there synthetic testosterone in FLandis' pee-pee?

  3. The first memory i have ... the very first? (could be) ... being in some playground on tricycles. We were spinning around a painted circle in a race, always a race ... and I had lost ground to some kid, the rubber band had snapped.

    i yelled out across the globe, "hey ... i've got something to tell you."

    No, really, i've got to tell you something!

    Dubious, even at a 5, the kid sighed and waited for me to come up and tell him.

    and, i sped right by.

  4. knowing how to cheat, and choosing not to cheat.

    every day.

    every single fukking day.


X Bunny said...

my first memory is moving into our house when i was 3

i remember a daffodil there

funny, i don't remember moving out of the old house, or even leaving it that day--i have no memory of it at all

somehow life started in the 2nd house



some choices are easier than others--
i suck at cheating

velogirl said...

I don't have memories of childhood. It's weird, I know. I'm not blocking anything out cause I had a good childhood, but I just don't remember anything. The only things I remember are the things in photos.

velogirl said...

and bob roll is hot!

Velo Bella said...

I remember yesterday like it was yeterday

Anonymous said...

the guilt that comes with cheating.

i tried cheating a few times when i was little and felt so guilty i had to tell on myself.

i love bob roll. he's smart and super funny, but he sure ain't hot.

nosajpalnud said...

cool pics!

wish we had a track up this way

Anonymous said...

Funny? From my experience (way back when) racing against him, I'd say obnoxious.