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Monday, December 18, 2006

every week

ah crap ... another blathering taketh control.

- - -


That feeling ... the pack, the group, the herd ~ lulled after many a fruitless charge, taking breath in heaping grasps, hands in drops and heads not much higher ~ all waiting, hoping, praying for just a moment's rest.

You know that feeling ~

of attacking right then.

The speed differential - the gathering of energies, coiled and frenzied - unleashed as you shoot out and away from the others. Free. Alone.

The Break.

- - -

Sprints are an essential ingredient.

Yeah ... all the other work, too. The long intervals, the steady climbs, the drills ~ but the drama of acceleration is what brings me back, every time. The feel of the well-timed attack as the gravity of the pack is snapped, spent spinning off into chaotic, disparate shards.


It is smooth, appearing effortless in it's grace. No grimaces, no strains ... instead, pure harmony of myriad muscles and metals parts. The gathering of body and machine by the practiced, dedicated decision of the mind.

Familiar to the sensations, a second skin ... the real you, alive and in control.

going fast.


Anonymous said...


nosajpalnud said...

poetic and devilish all in one

nice scribblins.....there aren't enough good cycling books out there - you should write one

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

can i put dirty pictures in it?

Velo Bella said...

I have some for you

nosajpalnud said...

hot but maybe not "dirty" enough

X Bunny said...

we could hold an exorcism for the blatherings

Anonymous said...

the wind in my pants
like a teenage girl so free
sprinting old codgers

velogirl said...

nasty cycling haiku....nice

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

eek, haiku comments
i have no response prepared
to such fun scribblins

Anonymous said...

The full -on -haymaker to the chin...
Nothing more addicting and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Belly flames fuel
furious spinning pistons
to final glory.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

big brain merkeley!
you 'n da hotty mathgirl
swing heads in 'proval.

Anonymous said...


Grey said...

cold day road bike rode
smooth high o'er tamalpais
legs give form to soul

(while wearing--helmet included!--19 separate items of clothing)

Anonymous said...

If you are not grimacing, you are not going hard enough. Red line not reached.

Dr. X said...

I suk at poetry, even the short forms like haiku. But I am decent at creating new words/phrases;

"baiku": haiku with bike content.

vaNDder PIG said...

mid life training ride
cruising a married woman
good cafe gossip

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm familiar with your MO.

Anonymous said...


always appreciated.

vander PIG said...

warm, young flesh pulsing
lycra pulled taunt on firm frame
jog bra from target

dr freud said...

projection haiku
green eyes counting syllables
the audience laughs