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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

bitchslap the idealists

Tour of Denmark snubs their highest profile participant for the last couple years.

le ouch.

they join up with a couple other organizers who are all buzzing about in bother over doping allegations and legal loopholes hooped through. witch hunts, righteous decrees, or cynical publicity stunts?

who cares.

the culture of doping is under attack. steps taken, even if blundering and blind.

screw dopers and all the damage they do.

after seeing kids scrambling though mud this weekend, covered in grime and sweat, smiling through it all as we cheered them on ~ i want sport to be a celebration of life.


Anonymous said...

do you get the impression there are some protour teams out there that are just a bit jealous that they didn't snatch basso up first? and this is their recourse?

nosajpalnud said...

"screw dopers and all the damage they do"

amen to that

I wonder how much input Discovery (the sponsor) had in the decision to sign Basso.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

vdawg - yeah, as far as the ProTour boys club? yeah.

but, there is some organizer action goin' on. which, i reckon, is a bit dif'ernt.

J ~ i wonder, indeed.