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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

built like sugah

Local boys grow big

This weekend's Boulder CX is going to be a slugfest, sho'nuff. The weather won't be epic ... mid 50's and the hint of a spritz, or two called for. But, in Boulder - that prediction could be WMD in accuracy. The skies in them Rockies change as often and dramatically as my swigger personality.

Looks like it'll be the crew-massif for the boys showing up. Wells, Baker, McCormack, the Twin Towers, Johnson, Craig, Powers, and the NorCross fellas. Getting top-10 in that crowd is one fukkall result. Will anyone beat Treboner? Only if he beats himself with a crash or mechanical.

Cyclocross ... it's a bit like eating cookies and drinking beer. Tastes so damn good, but you know it's gonna be naughty on the hips in the end.

- - -

BikerDork Recommendation #234

When your cutting poison oak out of a cross course ... be extra careful going to the bathroom.

cuz that shit itches.

- - -


Anony73 asks: "What is your definition of Hill Sprints? Just curious."

Well, Anony ~ i define hill sprints as any activity that forces puke out of they piehole. Sort of like if you squeezed a tube of toothpaste real quick, squirting out the innards in one violent motion.

it's like that.

For those of us wanks who can count the weekly training hours on one hand ... it's all about intensity. But, you've had to have prepped the body for it. Injury looms like a cloud of B.O. for those who train this way.

... and i stink.


X Bunny said...

i would love a long training ride

but when i finally get one it is going to kick my ass

X Bunny said...

i actually had a dream last night that my legs were all blistery and oozy and icky with poison oak

and then i woke up

Hooptie said...

Oh man, there was oak in that run up...that it explains it.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Owowowow. For me it's touching my eyes after cutting peppers.

Brent Chapman said...

I stink too.
Stunk like beer and Chinese takeout food on Sunday. Burritos and Beer on Tuesday.

marscat said...

i'm an oozy mess...what should one do with
bike shoes so one doesn't re-infect onseslf?

and what about the bike too...

i hate this stuff.

X Bunny said...

what did you people do--roll down the run-up?

wash your shoes
tecnu them

Velo Bella said...

I'm with you bun.

I can't figure out how Michael has it all the way up one side of his body.