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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

wha ... whaa??

Adam Switters doesn't have a team? ... hell, he doesn't have 4 teams hounding him to join their sorry-spandexed ranks?


I find it ... predictable that Vaughters wouldn't pick up Switters. I know, I know ... it's great that he's doing his best to help out young guys in the sport but (and here's where i get bitchy), I think that guy is a bit of a vanilla flavored tall glass of wank.

I remember him showing up at the Zinger back in CO, without teammates and trying to buy up guys to chase back breaks to keep him in the jersey. He was just so fukking dorky in the pack ... long neck, swinging around on pencil shoulders trying to see backward and forward at once ... causing mayhem as his bike swerved to match his nervous gaze. I was never impressed. But the dude could pedal uphill.

But, I don't know the guy and maybe he's the cat's meow and doing god's work in youth cycling for the USofA. Again, whatever ... but, to not pick up Switters with all those other dipshits on that squad of trustafarians?

Not smart.

For those who don't know ~ Switters is the real deal. He's crafty, intelligent, can suffer, has big race experience in both the US and in Europe. He can climb, has a sprint, rides big winds ... and he hasn't even come close to growing into his body.

Personally, I hope he sticks with college and loosens the ambitions for the next couple years ... riding as the top dawg in one of the regional teams, learning how to mold a team of ego-dorks into a cohesive unit. Because, I've got to be honest, I haven't seen one regional road team in NorCal ride on anything other than ego. The closest this year was the Giant Starburries - but, they were so stacked with talent that it was a shock when they didn't sweep the podium. But even those dudes shot themselves in the feet on more than one occassion.

Ah well ... might as well let the morning coffee juice into the system and get off my hemorrhoids rant.

Whoever gets Switters on their team is one lucky outfit.


Brent Chapman said...

nice plug.
Switters is a fast kid. I remember when I first saw him racing with us in the A's for cross and I said that kid is going to bust balls. He did of course.
I saw him on the road at some races in Cali and the kid is aggressive. I seems that he can get his head into the game and push onward.

I don't know him, hopefully his personality is not his downfall cause that part I have not seen.

It wouldn't be the first time someone from Cali with talent is looked past because they are not located at Olympic park mile high.

PAB said...

Think we can lie about his age?


I saw that he was on the UC DAVIS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM last year. If he is having fun with that, (collegiate racing was really fun for us back in the stone age, all about the team) then I hope that he sticks with it and stays in school. That is what the J-M bros did and it seems to have worked out quite nicely for them....

Little_Jewford said...

hmmm....think the lack of a TIAA-CREF offer might be due to the fact that he is (I'm guessing because of the email address) a full time student?

Either way there a plenty of talented under 23's or post-college guys just comin into their own as cyclists (Johnathan Garcia and Jason Donald for example)and not a ton of spots for them. I think its a little ruff to take a swipe at JV because a favorite son doesnt get an offer (feel free to make fun of his neck though)

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

hence the 'hemorrhoid' self-comment.

but, all do respect to Garcia and Donald, I don't see but a couple of US riders in the same league as Switters.

And, he's got the head to stay in the big leagues and actually act professionally, while riding the same. The same can't be said for most US pro's, in my opinion.

oops, there flair the h-roids again.

Vaughters has just never been on my book of cool list ... i don't exactly know why. maybe he's just too pretty.

me smash pretty.

Little_Jewford said...

you must kill things prettier then you...though you looked mightly pretty in that bee outfit

Anonymous said...

The inside word is that he has not been picked up due to his ego, not following team plans, difficult to travel with, and alienating his teammates. Otherwise he is a pure motor.

He should check Sierra Nevada, the team is gutted and it needs U-26 (not U-23, UCI D3 regulations) to fill its roster.

BTW - Vaughters "is a bit of a vanilla flavored tall glass of wank." I actually think you are being nice.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

"The inside word is that he has not been picked up due to his ego, not following team plans, difficult to travel with, and alienating his teammates."

just having something like that said is bad, whether it's true or not.

i've known the kid for awhile and found him to be ... a kid. But, I've only raced against him. I'd prefer he take a few more pulls in the showdowns, but overall, never found him anything other than professional in his demeaner around the sponsors/public.

but, fuk if i know my ass from my hands.

Anonymous said...

Vaughters is a grade A Putz with a couple of huge Sugar Daddy's!! He is doing wonders for the sport, as long as he keeps his trap shut!!

Anonymous said...

"I'd prefer he take a few more pulls in the showdowns"

Adequately advising younger riders about the situational ethics about balancing working vs sitting-on when racing outside their peer group can be a perplexing problem. Even stellar physical talents like A.S. may find themselves "hens in the foxhouse" if pitted against fields of wiley veterans who likely hold an advantage in age and guile. Should the ethics be the same in such a mismatch, perhaps compounded further with an absence of young team-mates? What's your take?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

my first response is ... MK's got a bigbrain.

situational ethics

that's hot.

... anyway, I like riders who race, honor first - results second. Or, perhaps we might use the term, 'class.'

Crossing the line first is always a goal, but it is never at all costs. Fairness, sporting behavior, good nature, etc... (all that gey stuff) - are the hallmarks of people i admire. Personally, i think Adam has the seeds planted for all those traits. He's got solid parents and a good head on him. But, even the best plants can get a little weedy at times.

[pause, while i go grab a mirror]

but weighty philosopho-talk aside ... there are some basic rules to play by.

1. If you don't take pulls in a small group all day, don't sprint for highest place from them.

2. If you have no teammates up the road, it's your obligation to chase with all the rest shyte-out-o-lucks. If you choose not to ... choose to sprint them for a minor placing ... that's cool, but you're painting yourself a certain color, no?

Personally, I like riders that tough it out and play classy-like - even if it means risking getting dropped from the effort. I respect rides like Bajadali put in at USPro's this year - attacking for the win when it was apparent Hincapie and Leipheimer were in cohoots.

In my opinion, it's never to early to learn that there are other things of value in our sport besides crossing the line first.

... and some of those things are dead sexy.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

but big, maybe just high rpm's?

Number 2 (of 3) daughter much appreciated your atta-girl on Saturday.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

lil' stud (-ette).

Anonymous said...

Now I know I will get it for this comment, but I can say with 100% confidence that AS sits on. Even with no Teamies up the road.

I also remember a Mr. Hernando sitting on me in his Spine days - Used me up several times then finished me off by then following Sayers up the road.......

But maybe he is only honorable when he knows someone important is watching and that I am/was not....

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

maybe i was tired.

more likely - i was too interested in beating Sayers.

which i'm sure i didn't.

which sucks.

Hooptie said...

You dont want to sit on Hernando...he will spit on you! Everyone sits on, thas how you win a road race. It sucks, but the results never say* (he sat on)

The Creff team is amazing, I am all about what Vaughters did w/ that squad. Where would all those U23 guys be otherwiswe...working for some soon to be washed up domestic pro.

Switters is for sure the real deal. Switters, Halloway and Riggs...those guys are the future.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

just think of it as me sharing my overflowing love juice.

Brent Chapman said...

thats dirty.

Switters said...

Mind if I speak for myself before all these rumors starting popping up on why I don't have a team.

First off Mike, thanks for writing a blog about this. it's really helping with teams coming thorugh. Now, I have been in a couple of negotiations with D3 teams and other teams, but they all seemed to fall through.

Now, yes I am in college and plan in staying in college, although part time is an option. UC Davis is on the quarter system and I can stop college in March and still get 2 quarters in.

I'd like to address this issue of ego...sitting on...difficult to travel with etc. First off, call ego what it is. We all have it, it's inherent with being a cyclist. However, I don't think I have (at least I hope) what could be construed as having a ego problem.

Difficult to travel with? Really? I really don't know how much I have traveled with other people from teams. What, once to Superweek and once to Ohio. And no realy problems there.

The thing I would really like to discuss is the issue of sitting on. Now Mike, you of all people should know that I work my ass out there. Please give me an example of sitting on when I did not have a teammate up the road or my team is setting up a leadout behind me (i.e Wente Crit). I am usually the one getting pissed that people are sitting on. Take Wente RR. Levi up the road, and a group of 6 including myself and 3 Cal Giant riders. Who pulled almost the whole lap (minus Hunt)while the rest sat on. Please...give me an example of me doing this. I, for one, have always been about proving myself by pulling and working my heart out than sitting on and taking a cheap win. I hope you are not confusing myself with my teammates.

Regarding alienating my teammates...I'll admit I've had my problems. My problems however have been with my teammates endangering other riders, shooting their mouth off in the pack, and sitting on all day. And I have confronted them. I have respect for other riders and I hope that my teammates would feel the same way.

If you have questions, please ask. I am not saying that I belong on a D3 team, but I would like the chance to prove myself in some big races. Thank you all for your support. I really appreciate all that the cycling community has given to me. I have been involved with NCNCA since I was 9 and have known many of you throughout my carrer. If I Have offended you in any way, I apologize.


Adam Switters

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Now we're talking.

Thanks for putting up your words, Adam. It's damn fine to read a brother speaking out, clear and loud.

And, I reckon there's a couple of very good lessons out of something like this:

uno) that people often get snapshots of us as we make our travels through life. Take for instance John Kerry's shitball joke about soldiers or maybe Howard Dean's 'yalp' of election sucking magnitude a couple years back. Or maybe that 5 or 6 minutes of Paris Hilton on film. These were all brief moments in a person's life that brand them a certain way, muddling people's perspective on them - often times incorrectly (well, all except that Hilton thing).

Adam, you know I like you, and you also know that i pretty much speak my mind about everything from bike riding to toilet paper technique. I've seen you ride till you dropped dead, putting yourself in the hurtbag so deep, so fully that i knew you were a rider of the top eschelon - the cream of the sport. And, I've seen you give up, sit on, ride with your head low. It shows you are human. And it shows more of your true character when you overcome weakness and setback and push through again to strive to perform your best.

which brings me to point 2.

b) short term memory ~

since folks will get the snapshots of us as alluded to above, and those snapshots may be favorable or unfavorable to us, we need to have some thick skin and some short term memory.

Cycling is a doubly-tough sport because it depends on the power of legs and lungs, as well as, the influence of image. Sad, but true. Or is it such a bad thing?

We all make mistakes. Trust me on this one, cuz i've got 6 barrels buried in the backyard stock full of mine. And, people will take advantage of those mistakes. And people will misinterpret those mistakes. And people will hurt you with those mistakes.

We've got to have the thickness of skin, the strength of character to not be overcome by either the mistakes or the ill-meaning usage of those mistakes by others. And, we've got to have short-term memory to let go of the mistakes we make, not let them haunt us, shape us into living in fear of repeating them.

BUT, we must always, always strive to improve ourselves - and that is done through honest reflection about our mistakes AND our successes.

You, young man, are a success and will become more so as your body and mind matures. You have a great set of parents who support you to a degree that brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. You have an innate strength of will that is the core of your ability to ride fast and ride well. And, you make mistakes ... like we all do.

Learn from them, better yourself, kick some fucking ass out there.

and yes, i'm a complete gawdamn dork.


Benjaminiac said...


gotta throw in my advice on this one. when i was in your position, i never once thought about going part time in school, or closing that door so i could race at a higher level. you have youth on your side here, and i would stay in school full time. if you go 2 quarters a year you're going to be 27 when you graduate and, take it from me, no faster for having raced all that time. it takes too much time and energy to get through classes to be thinking about getting in proper training, or wondering how you're going to get all your homework done during a long race weekend.

my advice is to get it done, race collegiate cycling (the WCCC has a big history of turing out pros) and then when you're out you'll gain that 15% you've been missing and you'll win some big events.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't get too caught up in not being on a team. Focus on school till you finish and get the degree in your back pocket. Your parents will then get off your back and you can do whatever you want full-time with full focus. Your racing career can easily extend into your late thirties so you have plenty of time.

Hick said...

This is the best post in a Looooong time.

Adam, Stay in school and rock nor-cal.


Why isn't it Feb. yet?

I wanna race damnit


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Cross, sassy.


it's whats for winter.

- - -

as we get older, and bud-wiser ... we realize how easily sands drop through fingers, how rare moments of bliss are, how soon the bell tolls.

February will come when it comes. And dammit all if we won't treasure it, eh Sassy?

just like we'll treasure, as best our sorry asses can, the warm dawn of tomorrow, the woman's laugh, the small, everyday adventures of ... our lives.

fuk ya ... i'm ready to last another few. bring it

Anonymous said...

Yeh, whst they said!

Stay in school and GET it DONE.

With collegiate racing and long fun rides in the "off" season you will continue to progress. BJM, AJM and kluck are good examples that you can get better while still in school then graduate and kick ass!

number 1: HAVE FUN -if it gets too much back off or you will not be around in 3 years.

There are plenty of Geezers that have stayed in school as far as a Ph.D. and balanced their life only to come out stronger. If they can improve you certainly can...

Beside there are some hot girls in collegiate racing....

Anonymous said...


So ask Adam "the great" about the time he got caught spanking his stuff in someone else's bed. I for one wouldnt want to travel with him after hearing that. Just think what he might be doing when you make a run for coffee in the morning or taking that post race shower. And hearing stories from past teamate's it always seemed to be I, I, I. With that kid. But honestly whats his biggest result? ICCC dash for cash fist place? Lance watch out, Switters is coming for your record.

Switters is over rated!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

if i had a unit that size, i'd totally be rubbin' it every chance i had.

and, i guess only the future will tell if there's a misjudging of ability.

personally, i think he's got big wins in him.

Anonymous said...

So are you saying that you and Adam share handicap porta-love before races to know how "big" his "unit" is?

Theres plenty of kids his age out there with better results than him.

Switters is over rated!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


ok, i hear what you're saying. You think he's overrated.

Maybe he is. But i think all riders should be given the chance to prove that for themselves. Halloway, Riggs, Switters, that Davis mutant, maybe Loader ... these are young men with talent and possibly profitable futures in the sport.

i don't want to put a lid on what any of them can do.

blah, blah, blah ... i've got to get to work. is it too early for a beer?

Kirkpatrick MacMillan said...

Guys you should delete the last four comments. It's really not fair to post that in this forum whether true or not.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

there's nothing wrong with a little monkey-wrenching. it's my 3rd favorite thing to do.

and as for the rep-bashing ... trash talk is part of the game, as we well know.

it reveals character ... of those with balls to stand up and those who hide behind.

Anonymous said...

I agree with hernado on the trash talk... Monkey wrenchin, well, it is my 5th favorite thing...

As far as hiding - I will continue to (shows my true character and only flaw), but I am pretty sure, judging from the spite and writing style, that the one trashing switters is holloway...

That boy is FULL of piss and vinegar

Just my opinion though......

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

hollow-head cracks me up.

i luv his trashy talk. and, eventually he'll grow up and act nicey-nice, like he is down deep. until then, i'll hope to hear more of his smack-talk and watch more of his cycling.

course, he's usually behind me pedaling squares ... so i don't get to see him all that often.

Hick said...

Whats wrong with pedal'n squares!!!!!!!

I'm just glad Olaf doesn't understand my Neckspeak so well or he would realize how much garbage flows outta me :)


jAndy donka-donk said...

speaking of monkey wrenchin.....

I would have spent all my video game and candy money on this KY warming gel growing up if they freakin invented it 20 years ago.....

kids these days dont know how good they have it......

Be cool and stay in school.

And everyone makes mistakes and needs to grow up at one time or another. And just because you havnt gotten caught spankin it, doesnt mean you havnt made a mistake or two....

Anonymous said...

if hes as good of a kid and as strong and profressional as you make him out to be why hasnt he been offered a team yet at all?

The inside word is that he has not been picked up due to his ego, not following team plans, difficult to travel with, and alienating his teammates. Otherwise he is a pure motor.

i feel that needs to be looked at closer both by you and switers and maybe denial wont blind him