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Friday, November 03, 2006

7 rolls for luck

I find Scott Ritter's work worth the while and wish others would, as well.

If you've time and inclination to get his perspectives, here 'tis.

- - -

And then there's Dawkins trying to debate Pastor Haggard on evolution. As el furioso would say ... wait for it.

If you watch the vid to fruition, you'll be left treading through that sickening (and familiar) feeling that the god fearer "wins" the debate. And it's not through logic or presentation of argument, but through attack on Dawkins' personality. An excellent turn of sophistry.

- - -


In the early days, my chosen field of study was Religion. Yup ... and after many books read, many voices listened to, many hours of concentration, consternation, and butter-churning cogitation ... it came to me ~ no matter the number of pages turned, no matter how deep the thoughts ventured ... i would never know if a god existed. I would never find the answer, discover the truth, reveal the wizard.

And so, I left metaphysics to the believers and the manipulators of logic - turning, instead, my mind and will towards that which would affect every moment of my life, every being come in contact with. I turned to ethics - the rightness, the wrongness, the calculations of what should be done and should be changed. And I decided to shoulder the burden of judge and jury ... forcing myself to open eyes, let loose grasps, and drink deep all that reality had to teach.

and do my best to figure it all out.

and act.

... yeah, it hasn't worked out all that well.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever told you - you might be Cliff Richard's long lost brother?


Wild Dingo said...

I "almost" minored in religion in undergrad ... but even w/all the credits i had in religion, I too came to the same conclusions and felt my minor would be better served with a passion that would make me rich and famous: dance. Sure, it is a more self-serving choice than your choice of ethics, but come to think of it, it hasn't worked out too well for me either. So I'll go to Bible study tomorrow to make up for it. I'll see you there...

Kirkpatrick MacMillan said...

Love the last line of your post. He doesn't.

PAB said...

well now, you've gone and opened up the worm can, haven't you?

oh good lord....

i sure hope the nome is away from his computer for...for at least a week...

X Bunny said...

whatever i'd like to believe, i find reality gets in the way of

now i'm in trubble for being serious

well that damm margarita has given me a splitting headache so that's what you get

Chris said...

Odd coincidence here....Google "scott ritter" and "votkinsk".

He used to be an inspector at a USG facility in deepest Russia where missiles were inspected at a 24/7/365 site at the edge of the Ural mountains. Met his wife there. Wrote a long piece in the New Yorker about intelligence collection by the teams of Russian interpreters out there, who were all young Russian women, from the teams of American inspectors, who were all young men.

Long story short- I funded my own grad school experience by working for Raytheon as an American interpreter there, from 2003-05. Ritter was fondly remembered by the girls as one of the gallant guys who saved Irina (or Natasha, I can't really remember) from having to live the rest of here life in the Udmurt Republic.

Horribly restricted lifestyle, constant Russian escort every time we went into town, no solo trips, no bike wandering, no going nowhere. Great money, fantastic US supply chain meant big-screen TVs, fresh strawberries, cheap beer, a gi-normous gym, and two mandatory 6-week vacations per year.

Also, Svetlana Boubnenkova is from there.

Anyway, long story longer, I spent those two years (the first two years of this Iraq mess, btw) amid US military officers taciturn and silent at first that they were missing the action (and the certain career-maneuvers it would entail) and finally very, very glad that they were desk-jockey missile inspectors in Votkinsk, avoiding death at the hands of their own CINC.

And Ritter was the taboo gay-uncle nobody spoke of unless drunk.

Velojuice said...

Haggard creeps me out, I have never seen or heard of him before this"alleged" sniff and blow incident. He has that Jonestown wild eye look.

I too in my early years searched for the meaning of life within the confines of the Kings James script. I came away with the same thing. I had nothing I could hang my hat on, and no matter how much reward was at the end of the rainbow, the walk down Job's path didn't sound so fun.

Thankfully the science of Buddism works much better for me. Nice post, I needed a little soul mining today.

diskzero said...

Neither Dawkins or Haggard does their "side" much good. Dawkins comes off with same evangelical zeal that bothers me with many different types of religous movements. The more I read and listen to Dawkins, the more I also believe that he is an arrogant man. The Blind Watchmaker had a huge impact on me when I was younger, but now I just cringe when Dawkins makes a public appearance.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

anony - that is so bloody hot. it's like a cruise ship Tony Clifton. yeah baby.

wildingo - dance.

you make it hurt when i laugh.


kirkpattyMac - satire good.

da'PAB - sssshhhh...

xBun - i've read your poetry.

ChissyB - dead sexy. the good kind of dead, that is.

vJuicE - that Hagg story gets wierder and wierder, man ... i need a drink.

diskO - spot on.

Wild Dingo said...

I think this guy who founded this place would be a faboulous replacement for Haggard... I heard there was a great sculpture of Jesus riding a dinasour here... scary.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

"We sure hope to see all of you here at Dinosaur Adventure land, where Dinosaurs and the Bible meet!"

... that's so badass.

Wild Dingo said...

Hell, i could have thought up a better tag line than that, given they are trying to explain dinasaurs thru jesus: "Making science holy" or "if you can't beat them, make them holy." I can't believe people believe this holy crap.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

"it may be old, but it's still god!"


what would tranysawrex do?

"fossils, schmossils ... you're burning in hell fire, heathen!"

Wild Dingo said...

"Extinction happens when you don't believe in God."

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

"We don't dig up bones, we dig Jesus!"