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Friday, November 03, 2006

sketchings and wildtalk

Brenty and Sabine are going nutzo with their course designs for the Surf City finale.

lord have mercy ... this thing is going to be a roller coaster.

The early thoughts are that we won't be using the runup from Hell this time. Which makes for some very tough planning to get down and up from the various levels.

But the weather looks just damp enough in the future to keep the dust down, but not quite wet enough to stop us from using and abusing the grasslands.

This weekend we'll prolly get out there to do the final recon work. I think the setup crew is going to be doing a shitload of work next Saturday.

... oh well, at least we won't be diving into the oak this time.


Anonymous said...

How about an X section in the middle like demolition derby. It may be the only chance we people at the back have to take out the front runners!

Velo Bella said...

We should just make the course one gigantic swirly.

And anyone who calls it a spiral is Dq'd

SGK said...


I love your blogs but you seem to forget there's a bit'o'cross in the Seattle. Where TreeFarm chased around Knapp. Where Beggs chased around the other Knapp. And many, many other. Watch out for Iddings this year...both SR and JR.

See you all soon. Keep blogin'

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

yo, sgk ~ lived in Seattle for awhile ... in the days of grunge and pre-Sbuck dominance. that unstoppable drizzle broke me like the bareback.

much soul to the great northwest.

even if ya'll are pasty-faced like the staypuft.

L. Christmas said...

whateva!.. we're designing a crit with jumps and a loop-di-loop.

Switters said...


You're making me want to build up the old cross bike so bad right now. Everything sounds so much fun with the surf city series this year. maybe I'll try to jump in a few local races. Unfortunately, taking 19 units so not much time for training (although it is cross). Looks like you're enjoying it and thats what its all about. By the way, sweet bumblebee costums.


velogirl said...

more swirlies!!! weee!

Anonymous said...

how about we go down the run up from hell?

Merkeley Bike said...

I thought a swirly involved a toilet.

X Bunny said...

ok ben, stop posting as anonymous

X Bunny said...


i have a splinter and can't work on saturday......i have a doctor's note and everything