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Sunday, November 05, 2006

locals only ... at least for tonite

Consistency is the key to winning a series ... but, showing some guts helps, too.

The FunkMeister runs the NorCross website ... and god-love him when he gets a chance to update that schtuff. He also can turn the bike well enough to win. Here's givin'it to the geezer-daddio who might just stick it out for the big prize.

hell yeah.

but, the beautiful Kerulak won hisself today's race. just da' lovley.

and then there was me ... 6 strokes of ugly painted on a stick, baby. Flatted first lap, got a bike from some random dude who was generous like the dark angel ... meaning, his bike was 3 sizes too big. But then, a lap later he had my lil' orange machine at the tents with one of the Ritchey wheels in it ... yaaaayy.

i wanted to kiss him. i hopped on and thought i might be able to ride myself back into contention.

and then i got to the first descent and found out the hard way my dark angel hadn't put the brake on.

oh nooo!!!

my life sucked for a few minutes after that. then i smashed into the barriers in front of god and the hecklers and i ... called it a day.

me n' the woman went and rode 'Skeggs instead.

big love to the SF Hooligans.

And the Grey man with the Sheila Moon skinsuit is my new hero.


Josh and Barb said...

Aww, YEAH! That's AK holdin' it down for HRS- Rock Lobster while me and Simon are in CO crashing and getting generally whooped on! Sorry about your crummy race, but I'll admit- that unhooked brake trick was my idea. You just never know who's wrenching on your bike in those pits!

funkdaddy said...

oh, so that's what happened...bummer.

i almost had a nice day today.

-geezer daddio

VeloRainDog said...

shyte luck, ov.

what'd you flat on?

Anonymous said...

life is haaaarrrrd.

Velojuice said...

That was not a good course to have your brakes unhooked! I wondered where you went. Next week baby, next week!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

joshee - hardcore racing up in them mountains. come on back for next weekend's SurfCity and get another win. good course for you.

... and i thought i saw somebody on a treo in the pits next to my bike.

f daddy - ah well. we'll give it a go next time.

vdawg - flatted on the first descent ... nothing but cheap tread and a hair too low of psi to blame it on. at the start line i told Kerulak that i prolly had too low of psi ... he didn't care.

anony - but at least there's beer and magic cookies to make things pretty again.

vJuicE - you're ready for another good surf city ride, baby!

Grey said...

funny how just wearing a goofy outfit can be heroic: i'm still thinking about how cool the costume race was last week. those photos of the horse tandem doing the run up crack. me. up.

furthermore, i take the roll of hero very seriously and will seek to uphold role model status (go to bestowed upon me (get out your credit card and get crazy with that shopping cart!!) no matter how much beer is thrown on me at the next race.

X Bunny said...

i guess we're not the only addicts

happy one year!