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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

devil comes clean

well ... it's late and I haven't been able to get any good scribblins from the woman ~ so, it's to bed for me.

but before i go ...

- - -

weeJoofurd is right about a few things ... benders are needed when alone. ... and the middle east is one fukked up grouping of peoples.

... but then again, i can't forgive the god-fearers of my own back yard for their ignorance ... so, how can i judge millions a hemisphere away (shifting the equatorial).

- - -

3 pages of 30 ... is the Bush administration's claim to game in a media war going stupider by the minute.

... if you don't catch the reference ~ you probably don't need to.

= = =

To say we are in a new world is ... yes and no in the one breath.

Are we the identical beasts of a century ago ... driven by the same desires, prejudices, entrapments of consciousness? Has every thought, love, care and worry that crosses our hearts not been slept upon, wished upon, dreaded by some other poor soul a world away and a thousand years past?

But ...

we catch wireless glimpes
of one another

across civilizations.

with satellites' breath,

over airwaves.

judging in real time
the images

the images

given to us, forced upon us, fed to us.


and we play.


Velo Bella said...

I finally blogged

and I miss you

pat the doggie and kick the kitty for me

bis spater....

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

and you gave me good scribblins.

... thanks luv.

Anonymous said...

... I knew there was kitty abuse going on.

marscat said...

is kick the kitty like spin the kitty?