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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


So this weekend we have the second scoop of the CCCX piescream. It's gonna taste good, even if some of the sweetest fillin's will have gone easterly.

Wicketts, Hello my name is Simon,and the DJ Snead will be flying high in their chase for UCI points and the GrannyPrix starting slots they purchase. Coolio.

I wonder if the McGovernator will shadow the big crew and head bicoastal? And what about the Jack-Maniacs? The eastern exodus will leave the local-heavies to throw FOrdinance sand in each other's faces this weekend. I can dig it.

- - -

I'm not going to go on a hooptie rant, or anything ~ but I, too, worry that FLandis' rupture will impact cycling sponsorship in our fair land for the next season, or few. Cali and Georgia are pretty damn big deals nowadays and it'd be a shame to see them vanish via the SFGPrix. But, that is the nature of things, I suppose.

- - -

In any case ~ it's all about the cross these days. Fun and goofin' and swingin' back the big intervals in hopes of being able to keep it together for at least one hour per few months. I love the variation to the training that cross gives. Since it's only an hour, we get to mess about with other stylin's and move the body towards as much balance as we self-mutilants will ever get.

The range of motion is feeling good. Healing sweetness.

... just hope i don't have to race too hard.

1 comment:

Flandria said...

about that cross video...not sure what words I will describe it without being a bit obscene...

sooo f$c#ing fun!!! frickin' groovy course...makes you drool just watching it...and heart rate - now I have to watch the real thing!