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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

my working girl's panties ... er, parties

Sabine is off to that ape-show in Vegas known as Interbike.

We haven't spent a night apart from each other since we started this whole shindig ... but even if I could get the time away from work ... it'd be a tough sell to get me to another one of those clusters.

I know it's necessary for those in the biz ~ but, jayzus that place makes me ill.

- - -

still ... i reckon she's gonna have some great bloggie-log material with her spycam and rapier wit.

readin' that stuff almost makes the cold bed worth it.

yeah right.


Anonymous said...

Never been to Interbike but I can do without Vegas. You just cannot get away from the dry-heat and chain smokers.

Now, don't be trying on the panties while she's away.

Velo Bella said...

what panties?

Little_Jewford said...

hey...since the queen is off to vegas does it mean your going to tear up all those aptos bars in a crazy "single man for the week" alcohol induced haze?

Anonymous said...

vegas and disney...never been to either and not planning...I am allergic to artificiality

PAB said...

actually, before I-bike moved to Vegas, it used to be in Anaheim--at the convention center, right across the street from Dizzyland.

Now, the cool thing was, one evening the park closed to the general public at 6pm, and then all Interbike attendees got to go in and have a few hours in the park without the general public. There were no lines to go on the rides--and very few children--it was really great.

That said, I came back from that show with black lung disease from breathing the air down there.

Still, it was better than going to Vegas...

Anonymous said...


X Bunny said...


marscat said...

i'm not proud, i think the Venetian is
kinda cool.

there, i said it.