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Monday, August 28, 2006

petals fall

We've got an accountant that's been with us for 20-odd years. She was diagnosed with Leukemia last November and has been fighting it ever since. She started working from home again a couple months ago. I would stop by her house every once in awhile to do some work and put out some fires when needed. But mostly, we communicated via the e-wires or voice boxes.

When I would visit, she would roll around in her wheelchair bright and spirited ... pic-line angry and bruised, a patch over an already lost eye. Her and her husband had been doing some serious remodeling to their SC home ... an old University affair with loads of artwork spanning Suess-like walls cutting in and over each other ~ making the rooms all connect, yet individually kept.

There were 3 cats in that house, and each took turns laying over her laptop ... clogging the keyboard with fur and dust and purrs.

She passed away on Sunday. complications from chemo.

~ ~ ~

this morning, coming in to work, sliding through the soft santa cruz mountain fog ~ gazing at the lilting, ending summer blooms

this will end, too.


X Bunny said...


PAB said...

as gilda said,

"it's always something..."

marscat said...

that's too bad.
i know someone in the same situation.

Chico Cyclist said...

I am now sad. Dang it.

the old bag said...


Eclectchick said...

So sorry . . . :'-(

melissa said...

cancer sucks.