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Friday, August 25, 2006

in the arse

now ... i know we're all fighting the losing battle in the 'net neutrality' wars. it's all over but the profit margins to come, i reckon.

but ... fuck all if i wouldn't mind it if somebody didn't do a little FIGHT CLUB-afication to the ma frickin' Bell.

i loathe the congloperation of inefficiencies. i despise the never-ending tunnels of 'not my area' burrowed out by hapless international cubites sucking off the monstrous, ever-glutonous corporate teet. and i hate,

i HATE the muthafukkin phone company.

- - -

guess i'll throw some r'spect to the Google-eeks for the dig against the Chimp in Residence (thanks Ron).

Though ~ it does make one reconsider relying on one search engine only. Manipulation of results ... what's not neutral about that?


Nome Agusta said...

I am with you on this one. I switched to SBC because I hated AT&T. They tried to blackmail me into signing up for their TV service by threatening to charging me extra for only having their High Speed Internet.
"If you sign up for our cable tv we will let you stay at your current rate for the internet."


Now the sumbitches baught SBC and are back in my house again.

Nome Agusta said...

It came up 2nd in the results for Excite.
3rd on Yahoo.

"The problem with the French is that they don't have a word for entrepeneur"

I suppose they don't have a race like the Tour Day France either.

pink fishnets said...

it's called google bombing.

an armchair sport according to the nyt.

what a funny world we live in. so big, so small, so crazy.

good thing there's bikes, eh?

Velo Bella said...

I think Michael let off some googlebombs last night....

too much brisket

Kirkpatrick MacMillan said...

Actually Nome, the sumbitches at SBC bought the once all powerful AT&T and renamed themselves ATT which completes an interesting circle.

The Fed broke up Bell in the early 80s or around there creating ATT long distance and 7 "baby bells". Our local baby bell was PacBell who was bought by Texas' baby bell, SBC. (Sending a lot of good jobs to the lone star state and giving us a new name for the newly named Giants baseball park)

A bunch of the other baby bells have consumed each other too. I think NYNEX (= NewYork and NewEngland Exchange) got bought by Bell Atlantic and becaome Verizon. Denver's was US West, they were the smallest baby and I think became Qwest. Florida has SoutherBell and the seventh was Cincinati Bell, not sure what happend to them.

Some pretty interesting shit you find in the history of the phone companies, Like why cities like LA and NY have area codes that start with low numbers and have 0 an 1 (because on the old rotary phones it was easier to dial 201 or 301, a sign of their status in the US at that time), and that PacBell cubicle farms was the home of Dilbert's author. There were many a Dilbert clip that were right out of my work day. I've forgotten most of what I learned in a few years at a baby bell but still think it was kind of cool in a monopoly-fountainhead-atlasshrugged sort of way.

Anonymous said...

playing "ditch"...

After taking a healthy lead over the bunch after around 60km of racing, Vandenbroucke would peel off and head for home before the race finish.

shawndoggy said...

Inefficient and Byzantine as corporate bureaucracies can be, the cost of making a long distance phone call is sure cheaper today than it was 20 years ago. Not to mention being able to pick up the phone and wring up Europe or Bejing or New Dehli.

But don't try to get something fixed over the phone. Always write a letter.