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Monday, August 28, 2006

pedals turn

There was a good amount of late-season drama in our local geezer races this weekend. i'm bummed that i won't have enough time to paint it up wordy-rific ...

stupid job.


Anyway, we had a bagboy sprint train that went about 95% according to plan, but with a group as strong and motivated as showed at sNardo ~ it's a tough deal to seal. Still, we ended up running 1,3,4,8,9. That ain't bad. But it was a battle.

I was off for the middlin' part of the race with daSmith of StanleyMorgan and an Amgen duffer from the evil SoCal nether regions. daSmith knew I was baiting it out there to keep my boys fresh for our last lap shenanigans, but the Amgen guy hadn't a clue and was really disappointed in me killing the break by doing the attack/slow/attack dancework.

ah well ... he was just an innocent bystander.

The sNardo sprint is such a test of fitness. We had the Pasconator driving it mach 7 down to under a K ... and then the consiglieri took over and about dropped me off with 600 meters to go ... just where I asked them to.

as i started my portion of the lead out train ... pathetic. I gave it a few revolutions and realized it was worthless and would reduce the speed dangerously - i was beef jerkey out there ... dried up and stringy.

thankfully, THANKFULLY we had rocket-launcher Reade to take over and set up the sprint for The Ranger to win. He took it up to the hill until Gargantuous launched it deep and started the sprint proper. He was leading out bigBilly and it almost worked for the Morgan boys.


The next day was a contest of all the freshies. The climbers showed up in force for the Uni-sufferVest at the Cruz. It was a bloody affair. Being the setup for the final weekend of CalCupCraziness, this was a big race for the two leaders in our Geezer division. BagBoy Bennett was leading by a slim margin over uberPostal Metcalf. We were solid until Bennett flatted. Oy. I gave him my wheel and we did our best to get him back up to the lead bunch ... but, Metcalf knew the scoop and enlisted all he could to drive it hard to keep our man out of the points.

good racing.

Next weekend ~ the final forays.
blah, blah, blah.

bike racing bullshit.


Flandria said...

"we had a bagboy sprint train that went about 95% according to plan"

that would be cool to see!

Flandria said...

r u guys doing the Giro?

Nome Agusta said...

How did the Bennenator end up?
I tried to help him get back into the points by pushing the pace when I saw it slow on the hard parts of the climb. The Green Boys were riding stupid, attacking then chasing each other down. DC, former Postie pro turned geezer asked them what they were doing. I said, oh, thats how the Green Boys play it, welcome to the ametuer hour, consider yourself informed. Comical!

Brennabella said...

That was fun! Thanks for sharing!

Kevin said...

Roger has been nothing if not a closer in the Cal Cup this year. Six races, three "Vee's". One per weekend so far...

He's starting to piss me off! :-)

PAB said...

pasconator was huge for us both days this weekend--as he has been all year....

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

flanders: you betcha!

g-nome: we're still wondering about the uni results. had some lieboldification of the end sheet. but, all who survived that slaughterfest did it large.

brennaB: gracias.

kdawg: it's sooo damn fun to bash heads with the cerebral types who can calculate on the fly and know the strings to which marionette parts.

this has been a good run of fun.

pab: you know it, brudda.

Benjaminiac said...

one last thing to do this road season: last chance at swanton! dust off that rocket and go sub-28. me? i'm shooting for 25, i'm bringing full kit, i got it all arranged.

just trying to bait you and get the juices flowing even more.

jAndy donka-donk said...

Season over my ass.....