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Sunday, July 02, 2006

un-bloody believable

Poor Hushovd

Quick-Step blows the sprint by showing up at 400 meters with Boonen alone and looking silly at the front. Hushovd's Credit Agricole rider had killed himself to 1) snatch the 4 second bonus away from Hincapie and 2) drill it to keep Thor up front until 500 meters to go.

Hushovd slotted in at 5th wheel when Boonen went to the front and, honestly, I think he would have taken the jersey back from Hincapie by placing in the top 3 at the finish. But, at about 250meters, we see Thor hit a spectator's outreached hand, holding a camera out to take a pic of the sprint.


The camera slices through Thor's arm, causing a gusher of blood to flow out. and ... the dude keeps sprinting! unfrickin' believable.

- - -

What a finish - truly doing honor to the Tour. The sprint was tactical, fast, dangerous, and beautiful. Shyte ... i gotta go do a silly bike race, when all i really wanna do is scribble on about this wonderful start to the Tour.

Hincapie gets his first yellow by sneaking away for a time bonus 9k from the finish ... double-crazy. You know Bruyneel talked to him about that last nite.


Ippoc Amic said...

have yourself a great race today and watch out for people with cameras or other dangerous objects

Hick said...

Love le Tour BABY!!!!!!!!

Flandria said...

what the hell was Boonen doing...common dude...quit looking around and just go! ugh!

PAB said...

it was actually not a camera, but a large cardbord hand??!!

that may have been the world's worst paper cut!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

from CN:

"It's still unclear what exactly caused his injury, as initially it was reported that one of those ubiquitous green PMU hands held by a spectator sliced his right arm open. But it is now more likely that it was a spectator's camera that caused the injury, which saw Thor lose a bit of blood as a result."