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Sunday, July 02, 2006

my stupid little worries


i must have gone coastal.

The morning rides are in the 50's and the evening rides are in the 70's. Apparently, that shit catches up to you when you race in the higher temps.

i'm bummed because everything felt so good as i prepped for the race. Yesterday we had a lovely ride with Sabine, Jeff and Soni. Today, a luxurious morning of sweet breakfast and lively conversation. As we arrived to the race site ~ a nice quiet parking spot away from the crowds with a bit of shade and a bee-line path to the portos.

Everything was on target. I couldn't stop smiling.

During the first few laps, it was cake and i was nibblin' away like a dirty little kid. A very good group escaped off early, but i wasn't worried and just wanted to pick my moments of effort. I had my brutha Pasco with the power to take me up the pack whenever i wanted and i wasn't wasting an ounce of energy.

But i could feel the heat creeping in.

After a move to bridge across, i felt the oven open up ... and then, within a few laps my head was in the broiler, legs twitching in death thralls. i just exploded. With 10 laps to go, i had to pull out. i was seeing stars and barely able to push a couple hundred watts. total heat collapse.


but you know what? it pales in importance.

Pat Caurant, an old teammate and an excellent guy, went down during a training ride yesterday. He's touch and go in the hospital today.



L. Christmas said...

sorry about the meltdown... WAY sorry about Pat Caurant... I read it was at the HOP ride... that's horrible!

.. prayin for his recovery.

X Bunny said...


i wish it didn't keep creeping into the picture like this

monica said...

happy to hear you recovered Olaf

a tight source told me Pat is not doing well
it was a gruesome accident, nothing to do with group

keep him in your thoughts, prayers..what ever you
choose to believe might make a difference

PAB said...


it's only bike racing.

we know what really matters.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

right on xmas.

bunX - you said it.

Monica - thanks for the update ... and be sure to tell Dave i may be a sissy, but i'm his sissy.

pab - word, baby.

Kevin said...

In case you haven't seen this:

BTW, what the heck is Fonseca's problem? I thought he was going to start throwing some punches after the race today.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

thanks for the link, K.

and i'm so glad you were there to step in between those two guys.

unfrickin' believable.

that guy will be tossed out of the sport soon enough.

metcalf, enforcer of the peace.

right on.

Jed said: said...

drink water. Go get em at davis.

alicat said...

Michael or others:
Would you email me more about what happened and what you know about what's going on. Pat is a very good friend, both from biking and from teaching. I'm in Chicago for the week and out of touch. Also, does anyone out there have Demian's email? Pls email me offline:

I spent last week in a math workshop with him and can't stop thinking about how excited he was about his new job and the integrity which he showed in leaving his old one. He was just so damn happy again!

Wow. I'm in shock.

marscat said...

Horrible. I think, i know that corner where
he was hit. Some bad accidents have happened
on this ride. There's on stretch on Tassajara that is always so dangerous with all those Walnet Creek SUVs.

velogirl said...

The crash was at the intersection of Collier Canyon and Manning. He went left. LHRR course goes right at the same intersection.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

That is so terrible; thank goodness there were people there to help get the right folks out there for him. Fingers crossed for him & everyone else be extra-careful out there.

monica said...

yea, well he says as his sissy you better be good to his baby in PA.

Can you handle that? Both the Queen Bee and me?

oh, yea and then there's the racing part