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Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Win, a Second, and an Overall in process

ah yeah ... it was a good dayout in the fields of Baker. As you can see ~ it's just a pristine landscape. There really is only one reason to come to this place ... chicks on bikes.

Here they are getting their groove together before the race ... with da'PAB making sure everyone is properly flaired.

Tyler was on top of wrenching ... putting lots of care into cogsets and troll doll placement.

The start line was a fettish in pink with the VeloBellas going toe-to-toe with the Firestone mamas. mmm ... i likes me da' pink.

The big excitment of the day came from Ryan in the 3's. The lead pack in the 3's came in with a blazing hot sprint and our lil' Bella stomped away from the field for a huge win. It was super-badass ... especially after the heat wilted that wee flower yesterday something fierce. But, she rallied hard today (even after missing her start by 45 seconds and having to chase on) and took away a most satisfying victory.


however, we do have to take issue with her bottle-boob sprint.

Today's stage was in low 90 temps with serious climbs all over it. A very, very difficult stage that offered no shelter and bucketloads of pain. In the women's p1/2 ~ Bev Harper looked like she held her overall lead even though she got gapped off of her two breakaway companions on the final lap. Jane Despas took the sprint from Gaby something'erother, with Bev about 30-40 seconds back. Another 8 or 9 minutes later came the field with a hard field sprint for the remaining places. Monica was safely tucked in that group and probably remains in the top 5 or 6 overall.

Soni was outstanding in the 4's and was up in the top-half of a field that actually caught most of the p1/2's after the first lap. They went that fast. The woman who is winning the 4's is some mutant cyclist that obviously comes from another sport. She looks to be in her late 30's and might just be the biggest engine out there. wow.

The 35+ overall is still headed by BeniSHINE by a hefty margin, with Erika knocking 3rd a fair-bit serious. The 3's leader is another mutant rider, but MintyMutant. Very nice girl, but vicious strong.

Tomorrow's stage is a flatter affair that will open up doors for everyone to play in. Well, those who still have legs after 3 brutally difficult races in 2 days.

tough women.


Merkeley Bike said...

This is better than cycling news or OLN!!!

Thanks for the daily updates!

Lothar Glerbny said...

Way to go VBs!