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Friday, May 19, 2006

Chickas County - Stage Duo

holey shyte ... this is a bloody tough stage race.

AM time trial in close to 90 degree temps with a stiff kicker climb at the end (and did I mention the wind). Then, couple hours later ~ they gotta do a bitch of a hill climb up some dump depot dirt road.


there's a reason this is a woman's only stage race ... men are too big of pussies to do it.

oh, quick update on results =

Monica was 4th in the hillclimb for the p1/2's. Great result and she is looking good for tomorrow's sufferfest climb'orama.

Liz Benishin is stomping on the 35+ field. She had Sabine drill it down a little descent before the climb set in on stage 2, gapping off a couple of rival uber-climbers and then Liz went on to solo it for the win. Impressive.

Linda was the most awesomest teammate ever by giving moral support and a wheel to glue onto for Sabine for the final miles of the climb. Makes me all teary-eyed.

Ericka is now 4th in the 35's, I think. She is a little engine.

Jules Starling is ... just insano. 2 weeks back on the bike and she's out here pounding her head against the wall in one of the most difficult stage races in America. wackjob.

Ryan is learning the hard-ropes ropadope in her first stage race in the 3's. ouch.
the heat is hurting, but she is such a tough lil' girl. I really admire her courage and she will ride well tomorrow.

Soni is going strong in her first season of racing. We forget about that sometimes, just because she's been to so many races these past couple months. We're all so proud and happy. She is having fun ... but the funmeter definitely dropped in stage 2. just a bit.

oh, here's a couple pics.

The chickas gettin' warmed up.
The Bellas lining up for the TT ... Liz's luck o' the Irish skinsuit ... crazytalk.
Fierce MintyFresh Finish!
... uh, it gets boring up on the mountain waiting to feed.


Velo Bella said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Velo Bella said...

I think I'd still be out there if it wasn't for Linda.

Everyone had a story today.

And we were the envy off all the ladies because of our awesome pit crew helping out not just our team, but everyone wih water and wheel follows

but racing up a treeless climb in 100 degree weather is just silly

ginmtb said...

Shoulda come up to Napa - supposed to rain for Sunday's race.

Great job y'all!

Hick said...

Lora loved this post.

Her exact words were, Wow I loved that race. It was such fun.

I think she is a little off her rocker because I remember her doing it and those were not her words at the time.


nicknameless said...

nice updates! Thanks OV!

Go Sabeaniii!!

nicknameless said...

Ohhh...and where is Migo? Did you guys take him after all?

I am trying not to worry that maybe the mice came and carried him off to enslave him digging little grottos for them.

It's kinda lonely here...just me and the pie.... ;)

Velo Bella said...

Colleen has Migo...she's bringing him back Sunday

X Bunny said...

there was no funmeter on stage 2