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Monday, May 15, 2006

the mullet must go ...

lunch = rides

commute home = 1 - 3 hours

time left available for the snippy-do = 0

- - -

Weirdness about me = anyone who has ever been to where i live knows that there are two things i always dispose of in my abode.

1) doors

2) mirrors

both of these are fine when you're living alone, but if you have company or combine households ... things must change a bit.

On the mirror front ... I have now begun to notice just what an all-american mullet i've got growin' on the backside.

Monday Lunch = supercuts (or whatever fast-food choppery is down the street from the office).

No need to punish everyone else for my inattention.


Hick said...


Brotha man do you have any idea what a baldy locks like me would do for that mess you are cultivating up there.

Dont do it, dont do it.

Dan Cleary said...

Plus dude, look at Boonen... Euro-mullet

Velojuice said...

buisness in the front, party in the back. long live the mullet!

Velo Bella said...

its not quite a mullet. Its just poofier in the back.


and how come i didn't know that about the mirrors?

diskzero said...

You and Eki both have tuned into the secret of advanced cycling prowess: Mullet Power

I cut my hair just before Cat's Hill and I lost. It is the only logical conclusion.

Gianni said...

The poof sux, though. Cultivation and maintenance is the key, grow it long and twist those locks up. They feel good blowin' in the wind at 40+.

Brent Chapman said...

damn.. you been motivating my Mullet madness!
Now my wife is going to make me cut my hair!

X Bunny said...

but it's those long curls that cause you to be mistaken for a bella....

well, that's one reason

Nome Agusta said...

What happen to the bike yesterday? I saw you jump off and starting to fiddle with the chain or something right at the base of the climb.

BTW: Me = dufus that can't tell the difference between a tire with air and a flat.

Jumped off to wait for a sweeper vehicle, thumped the tire...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Sassy – too late brudda, too late! Now I join you in the hair(less) club of aMErica.

Cleary - Boonen ... all-euro, all the time. It's like if you morphed Cunego and Eki together, then pumped them up to 150psi.

Juicey - how I miss it, already.

VB - there's gotta be some secrets, darlin.

disk0 - didn't cut my hair ... and lost. I hate logic. You had a pretty good ride out there, though. Can't be too bummed about that.

gianni - cultivation and maintenance ... my downfall.

Brenty - whatever she says ... you do it. meow, baby.

bunnyX - too many, too many.

gnome - chain dropped, legs burst, job done.


Lothar Glerbny said...

You pay for haircuts...what's wrong with you.

I give haircuts for free.

Postrace barber shop next week!

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