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Friday, May 12, 2006

bonjour l'homme blanc

So, the girl and I are rolling over to some dirt trails after work yesterday ...

up a snarly little roller, pumping like a pro, is some dude in a BikeTripper uni. Like I've mentioned before, i haven't been to this LBS yet ... but, with all the kids they throw out on the trails and on the roads ~ I like them somethin' serious.

Anyway, the dude is motoring up the roller we're about to toss down and the jersey he's wearin' makes me happy so I can't wait to grab his attention with a bit o' wavey-wavey. As I start my salute, I notice this brotha's got the biggest damn grin on his face. I mean, pure joy radiating from a grizzled mug. Lord it was fantastic to see.

Before he even sees my wave he's already waving at us. And have to be honest here ~ Sabine was in front all cutey-like, so I'm sure he never even saw me. As we're bombing down past him, he smiles all beauty like and we all say "heys" and I'm just flat out lovin' it. Googly-iscious, you dig?

So, the girl dives us down another roller and we finally flatten out on an approach to the trailhead and I have a chance to flip a few words at her. I comment about how happy the Tripper guy looked and what a cool lil' interchange was just had. She replies, yah ~ that was Paul.

"Paul?" as I rummage through the databases for any Paul's I might now.

"yeah ~ Saadoff," she suggests.

"the Rocky Lobster guy?" I ask in astonishment.

One and same. Now, the only reference point I have for this hombre is the mad-scribbles thrown down on DoubleHonkey (see Book of Cool).

Double Honkey ... that shit rules.

So, when I pour over the 2Honkey rantings again ... the image of a smiling yahoo bike rider is NOT what comes to mind. I see HonkeySquared as some brooding dark force hunched over his microbrew, unshaved and wild-eyed as he fumes on about fast-food consumerism and the aMErican decaDance of imperialism and disregard.

... but this guy looked ~ happy.



Velo Bella said...

I actually have a delivery I need you to make to him.

This one will fit in a jersey pocket.

Little_Jewford said...

I hit the B.T. for the first time last week (during my super double top secret S.C. trip to get Stacy a girly b-day present at Best of Everything) .... fine vibe, neat stuff, you can hit Charlie Hong Kongfor a quickie organic asiani meal and double bonus if something good is playing at the Rio ... like We Jam Econo next week .... on the P.S. tip ... I am trying to save my pennies to buy a R.L. next year ... its local, its stylish, its functional ... what more could you want?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

we'll be hitting up Charlie Hong Kong next week after the evening dirt ride.


Little_Jewford said...

excellent ... I'm thinking about a bowl next week when we are up at the rio.. oh.. I just realized I muffed the movie link ... its

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