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Monday, April 10, 2006


Sometimes, bike racing is just porn on pedals.

Don't know what gets me so amped up and juicy about seein' bike racers suffering through mud and grime.

I need help.

Slogging, bogging, churning, acid-burning through life-sucking puddles and lens-splattering ick.

... it's just ridic-ulous. and i love it.

And after ~ when the racing is done and the bodies are caked ... they all share that same sense of stupified accomplishment ... a glowing aura around the finishing pits and huddled masses.

It's what i dig the most, i reckon ~

that encrusted, slimed up biker,
grinnin through muck and glop,
teeth a blaze of white
from an earthy, mud splurtled face.

"i did it"