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Monday, April 10, 2006

Mon-dia de los muertos


Put a fork in this beast ... and be done with it. The SeaOtter is ... just ridiculous. After all these years, I finally went. Good ~ mark that fukker off the list ... and then burn that list.

- - -

And so ...

Monday morning slapsticks on the pin-up board of life:

  1. SlOtter is something that should only happen once every few years ... like World Cup hooliganism.
  2. just because you don't want to hang around for a couple more hours doesn't mean you cut the expert women's XC race short by a lap. that's just insulting.
  3. VB and Lau-RA worked like, three zillion hours at that silly race promoting the Bella inclusive spirit and teaching 'tards how to hoola.
  4. Vanderkitten-Dave may well be the coolet kat of the litter.
  5. beer in a booth should be free ... always.
  6. Steve is waaaay tougher than me.
  7. Gunn-Rita doing a 1:20 first lap is = ungodly. that is just sick-fast.
  8. Gin's hall pass expired too soon.
  9. posts like this suck.


X Bunny said...

considering how tired everyone is including you, this is a stupendous post!

sounds like they really screwed the expert women--first with that ridiculous course, and then by not letting them finish it--i agree that we can find a better way to spend our time and money

there were some fun parts, but they were all of our own doing and we can do that anywhere!

Miss Mary said...

Anastasio told me about sabines race when I called him from Norfolk Airport...and how all the food vendors had closed up shop before the races were over, makes me mad I wasn't there to feed y'all

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

don't worry Mary - we were still eating all your food at 7pm that night!!!

you are soooo getting rewards for all that grub.

- - -

and, i agree wit' da bunnyX. there were some damn good times. rabbit ears on the trainer is definitely one of them.

and, a good result in the RR, girl! nice and satisfying, that.

Nome Agusta said...

Check my bloggins. I posted some ideas that Issues2Spare and I came up with for next year.
You might likey.

Velo Bella said...

I have a love-hate affair with the otter.

Like it or not, for many riders it is where they do their first race. And its the best place to hit up the "i'm thinking about racing" crowd.

It is also the one event where all of our team's disciplines can meet and race under one roof.

But I am having serious doubts about wanting to return.

Unless Vanderkitten's going to be there. Then I am there for sure.

X Bunny said...

you had an awesome spread as usual

you are amazing
with your travel schedule
i don't know how you had the energy
to still even come to SO let alone work so hard

i have a great picture of you i'll post eventually

we weren't there sunday for sabine either
although we thought about her and her race all day long--trying to send out positive and sunny thoughts

ginmtb said...

Yah, fer shure. I made it home with 10 minutes to spare so we could've talked a bit longer.

Hopefully we all touch bases more than just at the SOC (well, you guys already do so I guess I'm referring to myself).

Jed said: said...

Thanks for the positive vibes all weekend, dood.

Slaughter was fun, that's for sure!

I was a proud boy.

Anonymous said...

So, I see this bella on the course who looks familiar. I says: "Are you getting married?" and she says:...well actually I don't know how to spell what she says because it was some uninteligible grunt. Ok - perhaps it was not the best time to strike up a casual conversation as she's hammering up one of the longer climbs. Realizing that, I just say "good job" and go on my happy way wondering if she thought I meant good job racing or good job getting engaged ;) Anyway, the course was epic fun!!! And on a dry year it would be fast enough to turn relatively quick times. And SOC is definitely an every year thing as it is the grand daddy of them all. And Reed, you ride single track like a beginner...ok but you came in top 10 so you're fogiven... and you're a roadie now ... and you're sick so your balance was probably off... and I don't ride single track much better so who am I to talk. Oh - I meant good job racing btw.

Velo Bella said...

Was that me? I don't remember...must have been all the mud in my ears.

But its spelled "urgoomph"