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Monday, April 10, 2006

i feel pretty, oh so pretty ...

Copperpoopolis is but a few days away.

n' then we get to spend some time with the amigos up in the Sierras ... maybe moving some of their crap into the new house.

... but more likely gettin' sauced and playin' goofball board games like cranium.

oh yeah, baby.

Vowed i wouldn't visit them until the new house was fully moved into (central heating n' all), but i need a breath of high-range air and a glass or two of the local brew.

- - -

aaahhh ... copperopolis is a race that breeds many a love-hate relationship. Reckon i've got a story or two of heartbreak and inflamed ego in that cesspool of spandex, as well.

Year 1 = dropped. Dropped in a way that sends shivers down your spine like only a rectal examination can.

i hate this race.

Year 2 = i'm flying off the front, feeling yummy, when meirhaeghe drills it brutal-like and swallows up my crappy lead. I end up dying a slow death on the final climb and limp to the line out of the shirts. - soon after he gets popped as a doper. yeah...he's racing again (and winning) in Europe. oh ... but he was sorry. whatever, dirtbag.

i love this race, nonetheless.

Year 3 = triple flattage and 2 broke-spoke mountains.

i frickin' loathe this race.

This year?

who cares, i wanna race. i wanna suffer and grin into the face of the mad beast. I want the rain and wind and shit-covered roads. i wanna go have sum fun, yo.

let's ride.


Hick said...

I love to hate Copperopolis.

And VisaVersa.

One of the few that is you Vs. the race and not so much the field.

Beat Copperopolis and then deal with the guys with numbers pinned on.


X Bunny said...

we can hang out at the new house if you want, it would sorta be like camping out because there is no furniture....depends on how much stuff you want to lug over...
but we're keeping the expensive wall heaters set a little higher for the house shoppers so you poor delicate hippies won't freeze your sensitive parts

stopped at TJ's on the way home from SO (i think those few extra steps of walking is what finally did me in) and somebody picked up some more tequila
and triple sec
and wine

PAB said...

hmm, hate to disappoint you Copperloverhaters, but the weatherdude says it could be a nice warmish weekend for a change.

But the pavement will still be crappy. How crappy? i'll do a recon ride this week and let y'all know...

nicknameless said...

you get Sabina to play zeee bored games???

I love the mind games, but I never believed that kitten would sit still long enough for me to suggest such a thing in our house.

Chico Cyclist said...

Killer Dude.....that race sounds like, No. Epic? Yeah, I guess. It definitely sounds painful. Be sure to check your steerer tube before the race.

X Bunny said...

there just was nooooo time this weekend but i will be sure to bring it along next time we visit you

and maybe she didn't want to play
but she just wanted to score with oV or maybe it was just because she was so drunk

heck, she's on a trainer
so playing board games is no giant leap

Nome Agusta said...

My best year at Cooperoopolis was the year I did it on a single speed.
44 x 16. Even laid out some attacks while everyone else was searching for a gear.

Velo Bella said...

Cranium's a mind game?

ginmtb said...

My favorite game is Guesstures. It's like charades on speed...

ginmtb said...

Strangely, my best result at Copperopolopolopolis was on a singlespeed too - 32x32. Hopped in the sag wagon and heckled all you suckers racing. Good times baby!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


last nite, VB and I were saying you should change your blogPic to the mighty sombrero shot.

and lo!


did Chevy's give you that for eating, like, 23 bowls of chips n' salsa - or, did you just swipe it off the wall?

ginmtb said...

You know, they should've paid me for the exposure I gave them - everyone kept yelling, "Go Team Chevy's!" Next time I'll remove the Chevy's logo and embroider a TWW logo on there.

I think the sombrero is actually from my daughter's birthday dinner we had there. Plus I could only eat 22 bowls of chips n' salsa...

Nome Agusta said...

I like that pic, Gin. Very cool!

Now how about the MTB short track gig over at the Altamont Moto-cross?

That was sweet! Perhaps we could have a sombrero heat.

ginmtb said...

Wow, that's a blast from the past. Good concept, bad timing with that Friday night 580 traffic. I like the sombrero heat. Do you remember the Joe Boxer shorts?