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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

morning commute ...

- le oops -

this rain sucks.


PAB said...

le moo.

Actually, yesterday i was pretty thankful for rain. At least it wasn't snow. And it melted away all of the dirty old leftover snow on the ground.

I guess the people down in the foothills weren't too thankful for that...

Alas, today we are back to snow. 5" of thick heavy wet snow. Yuck.

But, I can deal with it, cus tomorrow we will be outta here!

To the nice dry Monterey area. The land of "bring your toe spikes". And wet cats...

X Bunny said...

you picked a good month for a desert rat to move to hippieville

le petit lutin said...

Poor little kitty!

Brent Chapman said...

Stop with the pussy jokes your killing me.

Chico Cyclist said...

Man, that cat looks pissed!!