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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

sexy is ...


Showin' off without loosin' ego,

Creativity unbound and unashamed,

Hip turns and flips of hair, unaware,

Modesty, with a hint of swagger,

Openin' up the gigglebox,

Over the top, under the table, and

Positively quirky.



Velojuice said...

l'amour est dans le ciel!

Hick said...

This post makes me smile.

PAB said...

that picture is of that actor-guy who caught his thingy in his zipper, right?

X Bunny said...

he doesn't look too sexy

ginmtb said...

That's not you pab after your haircut?

How did you get the frank before the beans? Or was the beans before the franks?

Anonymous said...

Oh. Now I get it.

me = brick proof head

Velo Bella said...

oops..that was me. How did I get all anonymous sneaky?

I kinda like it.

Velo Bella said...

Smart, smartyer than my pants
Colorful, never guess what color it will be today
Hernando, need I say more?
Motivating, genuine encouragement without pressure
Olaf, guess I did need to say more
Omniverous, hmmm...well you can't have it all
Pfreaky, just the way I like it.

ginmtb said...

You spelled SCHMPOOP VB, definitely doesn't sound as good as SCHMOOP. (I know, that extra "P" was from one line but you gotta watch the formatting when you do one of these fancy letter posts).

X Bunny said...

thanks for the help on this one for us feeble-brained readers

Velo Bella said...

not my fault you have an old fashioned screen with 800x600 settings

ginmtb said...

Come on now, I'm a techie kinda sorta - 1280x1024 on my beautiful 19" dell ultrasharp lcd...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

schmpoop ...

mmm, mmhummmm... (slingblade-like)

X Bunny said...

my turn