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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


oh my ... will the Otter dry out by Sunday's crossey country action? That would be nice.

random things trespassing on Hernando's mind this fine day ~

1. santa cruz sucks to ride at the lunch hour. gonna be sequestered to the uber-posh nay-bore-hoods of the rich and pasty for most of my lunch pedals.

2. commute to work kicks ass and makes up for crappy lunch potential.

3. commute blows donkey when you're rained on for an hour straight.

4. working for an international 'population health' organization housed in a once Catholic school is just too, too happily ironic.

5. there is the biggest, baddest, ratty-iest lookin' crow outside my window right now.


... better lay off the god jokes.

6. 'population health' is a great euphemism for contraceptives and abortion and women's rights/education.

... things the Vatican are so hip on, don't ya know.

7. jaysus ~ that crow is doin laps past my window.

hail mary, n' all that.

8. down the corridor sits sister Esther's office.

i shit you not.

9. sister-E feeds the coolest, most chatty-catty feline I've ever met.

his name is Simba.

... that's just gay.

10. returning from lunchervals, i was told "Lance Armstrong is on lap 7" by some chain-smoking homeless guy grabbing some grub from one of the sisters.

he told me this twice.

... i guess i needed to know that.


PAB said...

the weather might be damp this weekend--but it WILL be better than the last few days.

So, what's the sister doing there if it is no longer a Catholic school?

And the name Esther makes me think of Sanford & Son...

Josh and Barb said...

The correct response for #10 is "Who's Lance Armstrong?". -j

PAB said...

actually, speaking of euphamisms (and from what I know of Santa Cruz)...

i think #10 was actually an offer to trade sex for drugs...

Hick said...

I belive the crow to be your power animal.

The meaning of that is for only you to find out.


Chico Cyclist said...

Whoa - That sounds like a dream. Like, it almost sounds like the beginning of some scary movie. I like it! Wanna trade jobs for a day???