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Friday, April 07, 2006

here comes the rain again ...

We'll see if it buckets on us, or not.

The Otter course was just slop for those poor dirty bastards yesterday. Bah ... that's the way the like it ... or, so they say.


I'm definitely gonna get dumped on during the commute home. hmmm ... which reminds me ~

- - -

Couple weeks ago I heard tell there was a critical mess on the last Fridays of each month round these parts.

In Sandy Cruz?

When told about it, pretty much struck me as activism just for the sake of a rabble-rouse. Gotta admit ~ I'm not in favor of such demonstrations. Seems like all we do is get motor-brains mo' agro at us bikers by such displays of disobedient annoyance.

Ain't helpin', in my opinion. ~ but hell ... wha'do i know.

And yet, after playin bumper cars with the shyte for brain drivers 'round this town these past rush-hour commutes ... i can see how one would be tempted at a chance to kick the gas-holes in the assholes, if you know what i mean. These people drive like ... people.

and it's everywhere.

ah well ~ as those who know me can attest, i luvs playin' in traffic.

bring dat shit.


Dan Cleary said...

Like playing Frogger at a whole new level. Stay dry(er) and dodge the gassers.

Think about the darkest of roasts tomorrow morning. Race/ride reports on Monday for everyone


Velojuice said...

Since I am a bone head and can't make it, I am relying on you and VB tyo tear it up, and drink hearty for me. Next time we meet I have the first round.


Anonymous said...

Olaf, have fun my brotha.

I'm of to race in Freak Central at 11:40 and if I dont stay to do the Prosey race I'll try to come out the Otter for Goofin N Drinkin.


Chico Cyclist said...

Man, I know what you mean about the commute. I try to change my thinking though when I'm out there getting run down by death monsters. I just try to think of it as interesting training.......hey, beats the indoor trainer!

Nome Agusta said...

I think one has to remember that a shitty driver is a shitty driver, it doesn't have anything to do with you and your bike. They cut off cars, trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians, ardvarks, orangutans, fruit bats, trees, migrating coconuts, and even a swallow(North American) with an undetermined air speed velocity.