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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

blog alert - da' Krusher

okeydokey -

since all i want to do is complain about this muthaF'in rain (and that makes for stale readin' on the soggy-blog frontier ... after 5 weeks straight), I've decided to start a little project.

I'm gonna lay hip on some of the blog-andos that suck time and have been officially entered into the Book of Cool., let's see ~ which to start with?

ah! let's go with the new Bella recruit, Kelekele. She scribbles like a caffeine-jacked KidRock and throws out killer pics of prosey cyclista life like a pooparazzi should ... all full of surprise angles and undercover snap-age. She hangs out with a bunch of freaky-post-FordBasis femmes (now pinkarific Bellas) and knows how to pull out all the laughter from their exploits.

oh, and can ride her bike somethin' fierce.

Now, as with all bloggie-logs ... takin' a cup of hot tea or a little munchy-ful of m&m's with you over to the couch ('cause ya'll should have lap'ies by now) and layin' back in the recline position is the best way to peruse over a body's creative-scribblins.

and this girl scribbles it wild and wooly-like ~ so hang on.

Well then, find yourself a half-hour or two (flip off the idiot box) and settle down with a quite spot to take a look at a chicka who will fill your mind with giggles and pics, showing you some of the glam that rubs off on biker-types that run full-bore.

kick ass.

- - -

and this rain still sucks.


X Bunny said...

i am certain it has been at least 6 weeks

Hick said...

All I know is the crapy movie I'm watching is making me as crazy as the rain.

But I do see sunshine so there is hope.

And nice postage.

VeloRainDog said...

State of emergency-level rain

X Bunny said...

and i agree that kele's blog is way fun

she's sneakier than most with that camera

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

we all know who the sneakiest is ...

still waiting for some of them to pop up, btw bunnyX.

X Bunny said...


i'm working on it but they keep finding more 'real' work for me to do