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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Apparently, we had this guy at the office who got hired away a couple years back to some private foundation that was looking to turn their money towards a "direct assistance" program.

So nowadays, this guy's job is to walk around India (literally, that's what this guy does ... walk around India) finding people who need help and ... giving it to them.

kid need an arm prosthetic? - here ya go.

half-blindey need a surgery? - here's the dough.

HIV/AIDS treatments, organ transplants, disaster
relief, ... even the odd funeral when he arrives too late.

Talk about walkin the earth, gettin' in adventures and shit.

Kristo ~ crazy-talk, pure and simple. But ... that's this guy's job. The criteria for whom to help comes from the donor and a hefty dose of his own judgment.

that is wild. just wild.

- - -

i think about that kind of benevolent spirit and how it has very likely existed throughout the ages. I reckon there have always been folk with the mentality and the means to spread that kind of wealth. I mean, the Gates do it now ~ love or hate that sumbitch, he is giving millions away in philanthropy (and he don't need the tax break). But, the Gates Foundation throws gobs of money at a toss, burnin' cash like it was goin' outta style to make social-wide changes.

But this cat I'm talkin' about has a donor doing it a different way ... one little seed at a time. Direct-like.

I'm reminded of Candide and 'tending one's own garden.' And, I still do find wisdom there ... in that, one's own careful planting and cultivation yield sweet and life-giving fruit to more than thine own. But ... some's gardens are bigger than others. And those, too, help nourish.




VeloRainDog said...

For an interesting take on traveling the world and giving away money semi-philanthropically, check out You Shall Know Our Velocity.

Hick said...


Top Notch postie, I'm glad there are people in the world to offset those like me who dont do nearly enough.

Makes most look uncommited.


PAB said...

Man, I have so much to say on this subject...i could wear out the freakin keyboard.

But suffice it to say, "nice post!"

(do we HAVE to like Bill Gates?)

Velojuice said...

One selfless act a day seems resonable, but when I think about today I just don't think it happened. It is harder than it seems and takes getting used to not think about myself. Even though I think I don't. No getting around it.