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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"you drive like old people ..."

yeah ... the girl's got skillz.

~ must be a genetic lay-over from her autobahn uber-alles blitzkrieg fukengroovin days.


i prefers to take the long, slow path.

you know, enjoy the moment and draw out all the pleasures possible.


Velo Bella said...

oh and thank goodness for that

every time

ginmtb said...

You mean you're not like that GT ad from way back that had the guy and girl in bed with him smiling and arms in the air and her frustrated? The ad's slogan: "Fast. It's corporate policy."

Sasser said...

I'm not sure which I think is Mo funny.

VB droppin the hammah on you BrrrrrrrrUrrrr or turning you into "W" for her blog.

PAB said...

the "w", for sure.

but it is sort of fitting as Ov is now the local conservative clean-cut roady-type living in the land of hairy-legged, full-body-tattooed single-speed off-roaders.

X Bunny said...

so you coulda caught her,
you just didn't want to