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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

just go there

brokeback, indeed.
oh man - i can't stop admiring this lil bit 'o shoppy.
props n' all dat.
... now, get outta my head, gin ...
gotta get schtuff done.


Msassy said...

I was affraid to even go look being Sooooo manly and all.

Then I remembered I ride around with shaved legs in my underpants while strangers from all over the state ohh and ahh.

So I looked, too damn funny.


X Bunny said...

you do have to be careful on what you clickety-click on oV's site

but this one was safe

Velojuice said...

My brother! Can't wait to see you MTB style! I may hit the Monterey Circuit with Kramer this weekend. I am hoping the unsafe boys don't show, cause I would like to keep my legs attached to my body and avoid a DNF. Anyway it would be good to see you. VJ

PAB said...


VB, please do a safety inspection on Ov's bike before he rides it...if i recall it was missing some pieces...

ginmtb said...

Let's get oV out on the dirt indeed - sounds like some of the guys are having fun on Jackass mountain...

Velo Bella said...

Don't let him fool you. I have seen his NORBA license.