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Thursday, March 09, 2006

me = snotfilled and crap-like

Every once in a great while i fall prey to a bit o' the sicky-snots.

It really, really can cramp a boy's style, you dig? There are few things i find more displeasing than having phlegm running out the orifices ... feels like a backed-up sceptic tank shoved down my gullet.

yuck is a word that don't come close to describing.


And so, after last week's zero training and now getting groined-checked with a bug this week, i think i'd better do some heavy-duty karmic introspection to make sure i don't have a case of the clap loading up on the horizon.

- - -

Last weekend was the McInsane races down in Merced. It was the NRC kick-off for the pro-seys and another fun weekend of shits 'n giggles for us geezer-types. As previously reported, da PAB won the crit in somethin' wicked of a sprint finish. Here's a nice lil' shot of how much of a field sprint it really was ... cool (thanks to

You'll notice scrub-Williams tryin' to overtake uber-geezer Caldwell for the silver. Didn't happen, thank budda. But, Willums did spank us all in the road race the next day. Bah ... screw him and his rainbow stripes.

Our crit really was a total team commitment. We had guys driving the pack when we needed to, guys snaking a few primes when cheap n' easy, and we buried ourselves in the leadout to give our sprinters a go at the line.

But, sometimes you also need a wee-bit o' luck, too. I didn't have the gas to ride to the final corner for the PAB's leadout train ... leaving him short by more than a few meters. Lucky-like, CVC's Baggins swallowed deep and threw in his sprint honorable n'all to keep the pace high for that 100 before the sprint started. Well done bucko. If he'd have sat up after I pulled off ... it could have gotten real, real dangerous for those blokes in the pack. Bad things happen when a hungry-hungry hippo bunch of sprinters all get whiff of weakness at the same moment. Wheels overlap, bars tangle, and the inevitable screechy-scratch of blood and metal inevitably follow. Kudos to those who throw down even when they don't have to.

We all know it's just for fun and mayhem out there ... but, if'n your gonna do something - why not do it with style and passion, eh?

Winning is just one measurement.
And, it ain't all that important of one ...
but, it do have a sweet taste every once in awhile.


Nome Agusta said...

What gives with the daggers out for William's? That attitude is not very Hernando like.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

it's true ... but, showin' up to the podium in scrub street clothes is just so disrespectful - to the organizers and your fellow racers.

it's just not my style.

it'd be preferrable to not show up at all.

Msassy said...

O "W" Vandersnoot

Get well soon cause I dont want your slime blowin on me next time we hit the dance floor.

I dont win much anymore but when I do its rare that I am any more excited than when I do all I can to help a teamey win. I love that.

I would rather be known as a rider with class than some jerk who wins all the time. Unless I start winning alot again then I'll change my tune fo sho.

Thats why I look up to guys like "w" and Hutch, they have class and win lots. Nice combo.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

you boys have fun down at the Kearnification races.

i'm gonna spend some cuddle time with the femme and try not to blow slime on any of the wrong body parts.


class = good stuff.

glad the 'frass is a card carryin' member tambien.

X Bunny said...

i am sorry we are going to miss out on the fort ord/bella fun this weekend

but if you are a slime monster, maybe it's better we keep our distance

hmm..there's a strategy...sneeze on the competition

i'm thinking this is going to be a low key weekend for us too

so get some rest and hopefully we'll all be perky for next weekend...

Msassy said...

Have fun doin Couch'ervals!

A quiet weekend of schmoop n cudle will have you fixed right up.

I'll be try'n to keep my skin off the roads while I drop it inta the 12 for Baggs and B'osch in the 2's races.

Fun Fun Fun.

Velo Bella said...


that vampire mouthed, hitler moustached, duck thing is freaking me out.

Nome Agusta said...

Agreed, podium time is show off the colahs time. Yeah, and being podium material only once in a great while, I do see it as a slap in the face when someone shows up in scrags, or doesn't show at all. If you are not going to do the honors, then don't sprint.

Velojuice said...

the universe throws us a recovery period at odd times I am sure that the homies are just keepin the podium warm till you are back. "I am of the nature to have ill-health. I cannot escape having ill-health" the Buddha After that rip legs off!! the VJ

Chico Cyclist said...

Oh man, that sux! Hope you are feeling better quickly. Hate being sick!

VeloRainDog said...

vodka + oj = no more cold

(i'm not a doctor, but i play one on tv)

Nome Agusta said...

I think that Bonk got the best of your immune system.