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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Taunting tigers

Whether she was the hope for democracy in Pakistan, or one of the most corrupt leaders in southeast asia, she was one of the few female leaders in our modern world.

I'm going to go ride my mtb now.



Brent said...

Disturbing method of silencing opposition. (not that the US is free from guilt on this one)

She knew it would eventually happen and pressed on anyway.

Nome Agusta said...

I really don't know what to think about it. I just don't have enough information, or concern.

Anonymous said...

it's huge.


Anonymous said...

Having been to that country, she was huge politically and even told her family in October that she could be killed soon as she knew she was "marked".

While there in the Military in 1989, I personally saw a cab driver shot and killed in front of us due to him running into a lady there. she wasn't hurt but their security pulled him out of the car and shot/killed him right there.

that part of the world is utterly in more turmoil than you will ever see on the news (our Goverment censured news).

yes, I was in the Navy for 22 years. No, I didn't support many of the "policies" of the various "leadership"s during that time as I believe we have our own problems in our country that we should solve (homelessness, healthcare, bad drivers, etc etc) instead of acting as Team America World Police to every country that calls.

and yes, Brent is correct, US is not free from guilt on many things .02