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Thursday, December 27, 2007

2 Mile Challenge

I challenge you, but not to a duel.

The 2 Mile Challenge.

And this is rather akin to preaching to the choir, albeit behind a silly mask and to a decidedly unholy, irreverent motley crew, but I charge all of you with the holy mission to go out and convert the un-bicycled heathens to our two-wheeled ways so that someday we may all rejoice, two-wheeled and together, under blue skies and on friendly roads.

Love and other stuff,
Ms. B. Hayven


S.K. said...

Anybody who rides bikes for transportation are poor and/or crazy.
Everybody knows that.

Mike Hardy said...

s.k.: fastest troll in the west :-)

Had to wait for my fingers to thaw out after the commute home to reply, of course

snow/ice for tomorrow though? maybe it's time to quit acting poor and hop in the car, 2-mile challenge be damned. The timing on this post is a bit off...bikes + ice...not good

Mike Hardy said...

Just saw this on that site - thought it was worth posting - a good +bike art shot

dino dante said...

I burned 1400kJ in the 31 degree morning commute. I can't wait to ride home, it's starting to rain. Oh wait, I'm poor and crazy, nevermind.