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Monday, December 03, 2007

sunshine efforts

Rain cancels the bicycle race this weekend, or so says the flier.

... i'm doing the rain around the race dance like it's candied medication.

Snagged some SWOBO gear from sk today.

then i met tim parr.

steven said i have to come back a with a win, or don't come back.

such are the heavy responsibilities of corporate sponsorship.

oppressed by the man*

*i assured the Men that all fall before the blade.


funkdaddy said...

Umm...yer supposed to be praying FOR rain for Cross Districts.

just sayin'

Anonymous said...

A little rain...yawn. The sound of this just woke us up at 1am...Even though we're about a mile up the hill.

Anonymous said...

I will be ridin in solvang on the 9th :)

If you kids want to stop in slo town on your way down let me know!


Velo Bella said...

that video is so random

and Ryan, that may actually be an idea...except we might be taking the 5. I'll check with him...

Hooptie said...

What gear you running...the site recommends 82.5in. That sounds absurdly easy.

I am bumping my cranks up to 170's and running an 88in. My 165 cranks felt absurdly small @ the RTWC race last week. I figure 100K will be more like a road race than a track race. I cant spin 120 rpm's for 100K.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


that gear restriction is only for the messenger rally.

we'll be running HUGE speeds in our million-dollar babyscratch.

i'm going with ...

the only gear i have. something like a 52x15, but i can't remember. i just get on and pedal. easier that way.

fast, fast, fast race down in Encino, i think. Fanelli has Cody O'Reily picked as the winner ... which is a good pick in my book. I hear he was a skyrocket at Nationals.

but, it's December and who knows what legs will show up. i plan on just trying to make it to that final round of 5. If you make it there, you've got cash to play with and glory to claw for.

can't wait.

Anonymous said...

A mild mannered and fierce competitor with a bit of track background sounds like a good pick to me....and the winner is....Dirk Copeland

Hooptie said...

Creed will be the man, he killed it at Nats, probably gearing up for Cali and/or World Cups.