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Saturday, December 29, 2007


Its that time of year when we reflect on our past doings and begin to plot our upcomings. Resolutions, do you make them? Keep them? Mostly they are generic about getting our shit together. Sure I could resolve to balance my checkbook. But really, I'll be lucky if I remember to write the correct year on the check for the first couple of months. I've had a checking account since I was 15, why would this be the year to change. Besides, I like my system of guestimate and hope for the best.

Ah, but this year will be different. I have a fool proof resolution. As I sat on the wharf watching the girls splash around in the warm, clear Kona waters, I overheard a middle aged guy say to his friend "remember how much fun it was to be that age", then they plunged off the wharf just like the girls.

Yeah, I do remember what is was like to be that age. I resolve, to not forget. Happy New Year, hope to see you all at a play date soon......kj

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