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Saturday, December 29, 2007

i belong to the World

Our ownership society boggles my mind sometimes
We buy a 2nd home spiritual retreat
And a statue of a zen monk praying
There’s a big rush to get to it on the weekends and stock the fridge
We buy our way into a community with the universal money pass port
And decorate it with cold leather couches
Stock up the ammo shed in case the community outside fails
We buy securities but worry more
Purchase speed, youth, beauty, art, representations of power
And renounce shared endeavors, hope, and trust, can’t verify trust, case closed
Then wake up in the morning, our heads a vacuum
Emptiness is free, a naturally occurring vortex
We’ve purchased our lives at the expense of others
We bought out ourselves for fear
Touching, isn’t it?
--da goat

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