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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Plans for Saturday?

December 22nd is Global Orgasm Day. Synchronize your watches.

--die Grumbeere


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

phew ... still time to warm up.

Anonymous said...

"So please don't make any new babies in the Global-O...". That's right, I forgot, children are the source of the world's problems. I should just focus on myself and my orgasm.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

uh, babies aren't the problem.

overpopulation is.

so, i guess it's more ...

the people who make babies are the problem.

funkdaddy said...

argh! my in-laws will be in town on the 22nd.

Auffderbach said...

WHERE? Everywhere in the world, but especially in countries with weapons of mass destruction and places where violence is used in place of mediation.

So I guess they'll be orgasiming in
Oakland and Richmond like never before.

"So please don't make any new babies in the Global-O...".

If that isn't the most effed-up comment I have ever heard, I don't know what is.

lauren said...

i was just thinking to myself, what in the world does having an orgasm have to do with making babies?

and then i remembered.

i guess i was thinking all about mine and not his.

Anonymous said...

Kids are creepy

Sir Dumbass said...

The problem with over population is that there isn't enough dangerous animals to eat the stupid people.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, when my mind really wanders, I think to myself how every single person on earth represents an orgasm. And somehow -- that makes me happy.

dblrider said...

Now that's a training program I can embrace - training for the big O! Time for some "intervals" ;-)