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Friday, December 07, 2007

merryxmass to me

and i'll ride my bicycle back.

yes, i'm completely and utterly convinced that the Bush Administration should be impeached and have their hairy little butts shaved with electrical tape swipes.

and then, they must be forced to sit nekkid in windowless guantanamo cells and entwine their little piles of painfully stripped ass-hairs into line-crisp hitler moustaches ... to be distributed at the next NRC convention.

Perfect Cross Weathers

The Pilarcitos Final on Sunday gets the best of both worlds ... warmly sunshine and chances of fresh dirt and occassional mud.

enough dirt for pictures, but not enough to kill the drivetrain.

Well, Stella f*king destroyed my drivetrain in yesterday's workout. With the threat of 100%drizzle on the forecast for the normally scheduled, I snuck out in the AM to do my personal secret lab-coat and hackle like a madman training.

i didn't think Stella would actually show up after work and want to train in the UCSC full-mist, no light conditions.

how stupid of me.

of course, it's always fun when you actually put the first foot forward and accept the wet. as long as you don't find yourself covered in mud with a branch poking the ribs mid-way through.

for her workout ~ no crashes, 1 stumble during a running drill ... but otherwise she's healthy and prepped for nationals. The 35-39 field at Natz will be lovely to watch. I see that Constantini of SF (via Boulder these days) and Butler of the great northwest are both registered. That's a quality start line right there ...

Butler ended the USGP 8th overall, i think. And Dr. Constantini is a FULL-BLOWN high altitude racer now. When she came down here for that one Pilarcitos race ~ i watched her go over the barriers ... like she had helium in those BOulder-fied lungs of hers.

But, with Nationals ... it's always the conditions. The 10-day forecast makes it out for a cold, crisp race weekend. That could mean fast, but technical conditions and tactical riding. And with the word that this year's KC course suits strong-minded riders ... the events will be awesome to witness.

bring me pictures, folks. i have to miss this one.


pedro said...

enjoy the train ride. be in touch so we can take good care of ya in SLO town... on the way back, big meals, hot showers, warm beds and an escort up the coast back home.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

pete ... that's damn tempting.

gracias and let me get back to you.

Hooptie said...

I will be there w/ camera in at home.

sydney_b said...

aw. I was hoping to meet you. Ah well, maybe another time.

pedro said...

nando, you're all talk, no action.. posting you'll be riding home.

you ain't got it in ya.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

were you just reading my thoughts again?

i was just figuring out if there was any way i could make it a fund raiser for the man.

especially after actually hearing lo'bama speak at the O'pera show.

oh well. i'll vote the Dem-ticket in '08, obviously.

but, i'm primary'ing this shit to death. go dennis kucinich go.

pedro said...

do it! make it a fundraiser... got beg, borrow and steal folks to have you ride from oceanside up to the cruz.

sponsor olaf = cash for Kucinich. I'll drop some dough for the cause!

either way, you shoulda stopped at least for some food on the way back from the Encino slaughterfest.