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Friday, December 07, 2007


from my madison partner next year ...

Cross-Mass Party at Coyote Point

What: Lightweight Cross Bike Contest
When: Sunday December 9, 2007
Where: Coyote Point Cross Race, Cross-Mass Party Tent

I'm sure you've all seen the Plus-one-lap light bike gallery where
they ask you to send in pictures and specs of your sub 18lb cross rigs:

To be honest, I'm skeptical about the reported weight of some of these
bikes. To help me get over my skepticism I want to weigh a bunch of
race ready cross bikes and I figure Coyote Point this weekend is a
good chance.

Bring your rig by the Cross-Mass/Alto Velo/D3Cycling tent and get it
weighed on my bike scale. To find the tent, look for the green flag
with the white cross, it looks like this:

We hope to set up near the beach. The person that has the lightest
RACE READY bike will win a prize (TBD, probably a six pack of Fat Tire
if you're of age, maybe some cup cakes if you're not of legal drinking
age or don't like bear). I'll compile and post all the results and
send them to this list as well.

I'll try and be there early, but I can't make any promises. And I may
be gone riding at some point in the morning. This contest is informal,
to say the least. There may be someone there to help if I'm not, so
please do stop by and at least join the party.

See you Sunday.

Brian Peterson


bummer, gotta miss it.


Velo Bella said...

Is Brian going to graph the results and do regression analysis too?

that would be hot

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i just sat down with my afternoon espresso, opened my email and splurtled all over my f'ing screen.

thanks for that, hon.

Brian Peterson said...

I'll see if I can correlate bike weight to lap times and barometric pressure.

If I could get someone to do some strength tests on the sand soil on the beach, that would be helpful as well.

CyclistRick said...

Think I will ride the bike one guy we occasionally ride with calls 'the 50lb bike' over to skew Brian's results.

Anonymous said...

i'd take the 6 pack. i love bear.