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Thursday, December 20, 2007


Mystery blogger in the house! Happy to be here today.

Allright, enuff of the celebration. Let’s start things off with a bit of reality.

Conservatives have been blowing about how great things are in Iraq now a days. Andrew Sullivan has some cold water to throw in their faces:
No one ever mentions the fact that we have literally built walls around each neighborhood and along every highway as the reason the violence is down here. The place looks like an Orwell novel gone wrong. The people cannot shoot each other through walls and the insurgents cannot move around to plant their bombs. A society cannot function walled off form each other. We pay every bill, manage every facet of governance. The government at every level is a joke. The ministries are controlled by one faction (Shia). They have almost no experience or education. A bunch of guys walk around in suits and look important while they do nothing.
This is the neo-cons idea of "good news".

We’re going to be stuck in that country for years.


banks said...

I'm starting to think the only way out of Iraq and Afghanistan is to tell the Middle Eastern shieks to shove it. We're getting off oil and natural gas and going nuclear. Hell, France is a world leader when it comes to nuclear power. Sad day when I want to follow the Frenchies.

Mr. Myfootinyourass said...

I ain't Fuggin Stuck nowhere.
Any dumbass willin to go over their deserves it. Enjoy!

ahunter said...

The neo-cons are quick to take credit for the reduction in violence, but neglect to mention that a significant cause for the reduction is Moqtada al Sadr declaring a six month cease fire.

Also, the "peace" has been achieved by arming local insurgents--essentially creating new militias and putting the rubber stamp on the ethnic cleansing of the neighborhoods.

It's all a crock.

hernando said...

good points.

For me, it really does come down to the basics ... we have invaded a sovereign country that posed no material or imminent threat to our nation, or national interests (corporate/oil interests are another thing ...).

It is my firm belief that we'll never fix/mend/heat treat anything in that country until our own country ...

owns up to our illegal war.